Thursday, July 31, 2008


Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 76 degrees, high 98 degrees, partly cloudy until the evening when we had a shower.

We left the RV about 0930 hours, headed to Terri's house to mow, weedeat, and other chores. By the time I stopped, I had put in about nine hours of mowing and weedeating. One good thing out of that long day is that I also mowed at the RV. I'm set now for no more mowing for at least a week, unless the grass goes crazy.

Tomorrow we'll go back to the house to clean out the flower beds and trim the shrubs. That should last for a couple of weeks. In addition, I'll touch up the door facings with some paint where they tend to get the paint knocked off. Looks like we might start getting some time off, and it will be welcomed.

This morning, I saw our landlords Ruth and Marsha. I refer to them and Billy Plowman as the Garden Genies because they have been giving us different vegetables the last few weeks. These folks really know how to grow a garden. Today, Ruth and Marsha gave us some fresh okra and jalapeno peppers. We intend to make good use of these vegetables. Thanks for sharing your bounty with us, Ruth and Marsha.

We had never eaten jalapeno peppers before we moved to Texas about 18 years ago. Once we were introduced to them, they became one of our favorite condiments. There is nothing like fresh tortilla chips with melted cheese drizzled over them and covered with pico de gallo (I hope I'm spelling this right)and jalapeno peppers. Ummm, boy!! That's good eating.

More later, be safe.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Parking Lot On I-65

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 75 degrees, high 98 degrees, partly cloudy

Whew, what a long day. It started with us going to the house at 0800 hours to finish cleaning up after the move out of the furniture yesterday. We were finished with that task by 1200 hours, and also removed most of the food from the refrigerator so it could be taken to the apartment. We were back at the apartment by 1300 hours, where we helped Terri do some minor touch up and unpacking. At 1530 hours, we went with her to Birmingham so she could pick up Thomas from his two weeks visit with his dad up in Athens.

The trip up to Birmingham was uneventful until we were on the north side of the city. At that point, I-65 became a big parking lot for about 20 minutes. There were signs posted about construction, but we didn't see any ongoing work. When the traffic started flowing again, we still didn't see any thing that would have caused a delay. No wrecks, no work, no slow vehicles, no police stops.

Since we knew it would be fairly late before we got back home, Carolyn suggested we eat supper at Cracker Barrel. No sooner said than we were there. The food was not bad. After supper, Terri asked if we would mind going to Best Buy, so we drove over there. After walking around and making a mental wish list of all the nifty electronics we would like to have, we were back on the road. We arrived at home about 2045 hours, and were glad to be here.

More later, be safe.

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dogs Are Gone

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 74 degrees, high 97 degrees, partly cloudy

We had another early start, leaving the RV just after 0800 hours. In a twist, we didn't go out to the house right away. Instead, we went to the apartment and continued unpacking boxes, putting up pictures, and getting the place ready to live in. It looks as though Terri will spend the night there tonight.

About noon time, I went to the house and moved the rest of the furniture. Luckily, I had some help, as most of the stuff was heavy and bulky. I don't know how much money furniture movers make, but it's not enough. That is one job I don't want. All that is left to do at the house is move a few little odds and ends, as well as the washer and dryer, and finish cleaning the house up so it can continue to be shown. At the same time, I need to mow and do my most dreaded task, weedeating. There is a very good chance we will be able to take the weekend off. In fact, I declare here and now that we are taking the weekend off.

The last dog was taken to her new adopted family tonight. She was adopted by a deputy sheriff that lives in the country, and she seemed to have no problem in going with her new owner when we took her up to the Sheriff's Office. The three dogs are good dogs, but it was obvious that they would not be happy in town. We are happy that they all have good homes. As a result of taking the last dog to meet her new owner, we didn't get home until almost 2000 hours.

Some day, I intend to write up something on what has happened in the last four months while we have been here that I have been unable to write about in the blog. In some ways, it seems like the type of story that you might see on TV or at the movies. In other ways, I wonder if a writer could come up with some of the stuff we have been dealing with. It has been a period of time that we don't care to repeat.

More later, be safe.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

More Moving

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 72 degrees, high 97 degrees, mostly clear

We had another early start today as we continued the process of getting Terri into her apartment. The only furniture left to move now is the washer and dryer, which we probably won't move until near the end of the week. All of the groceries have been moved except for the refrigerator and freezer stuff, which we will move tomorrow. We'll also move Terri's clothes and personal stuff tomorrow.

One of the first things we did at the apartment today was to set up the TVs and DVD player. It is amazing how dependent as a society we have become on those electronics. Carolyn and I are as addicted to those machines as anyone else, so this is not a put down of anyone. Does anyone remember 40-50 years ago, where the front porch was used for sitting and relaxing in the evening? A lot of people had TVs, but no one had any of the other electronics that we all look at as necessities today. Kids stayed outside playing instead of sitting in front of the TV or playing video games all day. It's not a mystery why a large percentage of our society is overweight and has medical problems stemming from their weight and lack of exercise.

Okay, that's enough of those thoughts.

After getting finished with the electronics, we hung some pictures in Thomas's bedroom. For some reason I can't figure out, the kid is a big fan of the Alabama football team. He has two expensive prints by Daniel Moore, apparently a well known artist of pictures of Alabama football exploits. One of those prints is titled "Rebirth In The Swamp", and shows one of the scenes of an Alabama victory over Florida at the Florida football stadium. I can't stand that picture. I keep telling him that we need to put that picture in the closet so people won't have to look at it. For some reason, he's not buying that. I'll keep working on him. Maybe he'll come to his senses.

More later, be safe.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Future Plans

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 75 degrees, high 95 degrees, partly cloudy

Since we didn't get as much done yesterday on moving Terri's stuff into the apartment, we decided to continue that task today. Normally, we try not to do anything on Sunday. Everyone deserves a little time off.

Getting a fairly early start, we moved all of the kitchen stuff, some miscellaneous pieces of furniture, all of Thomas's clothes, his toys, and other stuff. By the end of the day, we had unpacked everything and gotten rid of the containers, and put up most of the wall decorations. Tomorrow, we will move Terri's clothes and their bath stuff, most of the groceries, make the beds, and clean the place up. It should be ready to start living in. Whew! What a job.

During this move, we have also been keeping the house ready to show to prospective buyers. If we were just moving Terri, it would be a piece of cake. Nothing seems easy.

Carolyn and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel so that we may be able to take a couple of trips before too long. Her mother lives in Florida, and we would like to go visit her for a week or so at the end of August. We can't leave before then because Terri needs my help on something the last week of August. We will need to go to Texas in October to see our doctors for our annual physicals, and see our dentist for our dental checkups. That trip will probably take 2-3 weeks, depending on what the doctors find or want to do. Getting away and traveling, which is one of our favorite things to do, will help rejuvenate us and remind us that there other things in the world besides working all the time. Sure would be nice if that house would be sold by then.

That's all I've got today. I'm going to rest because I'm wore out.

More later, be safe.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Moving In The Rain

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 74 degrees, high 95 degrees, rain in the morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon

Early this morning, Billy Plowman, tomato grower and Garden Genie, had a flat tire on his car. Billy goes down to the local Hardee's every morning to join his buddies as they discuss and solve the nation's problems. Not getting there on time was a major problem. He asked if I could help him put air in the tire, since he knows I have an air compressor. Naturally, I agreed to help, but when I looked at the tire, I saw that the seal between the tire and rim was broken, which meant it would not hold air. Billy had been having trouble with this tire all week, and was going to have it replaced next week. I helped him get the tire off the car, and we took it into Northport, where another tire was placed on the rim. We came back to the RV and I helped him get it back on the car. A short time later, Billy was on his way down to Hardee's.

Shortly after that, we went out to Terri's house to start moving her stuff to the apartment. We had the truck almost loaded when it started raining. I'm talking about real rain, a downpour. Luckily, the garage had room for me to back the truck into it, and nothing got wet. It did stop us for about two hours, when we finally got a break in the rain showers. I placed a cover on the load and we hot footed it to the apartment, where we removed the load in between showers. As soon as the stuff was unloaded, it stopped raining. Ah, well.

By the time we left the apartment, quite a lot of stuff had been put away and pictures had been hung. The place is starting to look pretty good. We'll move some stuff tomorrow, then see what's left to do. We expect to be finished by Tuesday. Then, clean up the house and mow the yard, and maybe we can take a couple of days off.

More later, be safe.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Doris

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 74 degrees, high 97 degrees, partly cloudy

It's hard to believe, but we were busy all day and did not do anything at the house. Instead, I helped Terri take care of some of her personal business until noon. At that time, she took possession of the apartment that she is renting. When we inspected the apartment, we found that it had been cleaned, but the cleaning did not really meet our standards. We went to the house and picked up the vacuum cleaner and carpet cleaner, along with some cleaning materials, and went back to the apartment. By the time we left late in the evening, the cleanliness of the apartment was more in line with what we expected. Tomorrow, we'll start moving the little bit of stuff that Terri wants to keep. She should be fully moved in and settled by Monday. Maybe we can finally get some rest. We're wore out.

Carolyn's mother, Doris, had her 84th birthday today. It would have been nice to be there and help her celebrate. Carolyn called her and wished her a happy birthday. We hope things settle down around here before long so we can go to Florida and see her. Happy Birthday, Doris, and here's wishing you many more.

As we were going home this evening from the apartment, I happened to notice that we were having a beautiful sunset. The sky had different shades of blue, white, and pink that were spectacular. I'm not sure man could duplicate the colors we saw.

In a recent post, I complained that even though the price of oil had fallen, we had not seen a decrease in gas prices. Guess what? Gas prices in this area have dropped about $.15/gallon in the last day and a half. Keep on dropping!!

More later, be safe.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008


Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 74 degrees, high 94 degrees, mostly cloudy, light shower in the afternoon

After posting the blog last night, we got some much needed rain. The grass is looking better, and there is hope for more rain later in the week.

We got a late start on our tasks today, as I was working on some paperwork at the RV for Terri. Once we arrived at the house, everyone teamed up to help Terri finish the paperwork she needs for a project she is working on. Carolyn pulled double duty, since she was also washing clothes at the same time. Teamwork is great!

As a result of working on Terri's project, we didn't get anything done on the packing for the upcoming move. That's okay, because we are in good shape for the move to the apartment, which will start on Saturday. We have a week to get the move completed, which should be a piece of cake.

Once we were finished with the paperwork project for Terri, she asked us to take care of a couple of errands in Northport on our way home. The errands didn't take long, and we were home before the afternoon rush hour started. We might get used to these shorter days. When Terri's move is completed, logic tells us that the workload should be less. However, we have neglected the RV to an extent, so we will have to catch up on those tasks that we usually do on it. Such as cleaning up the outside, putting some wax on it, checking the roof, cleaning the carpet, sort through the cabinets................

More later, be safe.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our New Favorite Restaurant

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 75 degrees, high 94 degrees, mostly clear early, mostly cloudy late

We stayed at the RV until about noon, when we went to the Northport Diner for lunch. We had another good meal, with both of us having the pork chops, cornbread dressing, and green beans. The food was good and plentiful. I think we have found our favorite restaurant in this area. Now, if we can find a decent Mexican restaurant, we can really celebrate.

We didn't do much at Terri's house today, other than mowing around the house and packing a few more things in the house in preparation for the move into the apartment. The apartment will be available on Friday and she can start moving in. Terri's plan is to move a load over and unpack it before getting another load. By doing the move that way, everything will be handled and put away without being covered up with boxes. She intends to be fully moved by the first of August, when Thomas will be back from Athens. He is getting braces that day, and the more things are settled at the new place, the better it will be for him. School starts a week after that.

Has anyone noticed that the price of oil seems to go down almost every day, but the price of gas doesn't go down? At least, it hasn't here.

More later, be safe.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Laying Low Inside The House

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 76 degrees, high 99 degrees, mostly clear early, mostly cloudy late in the afternoon, no rain so far at 1940 hours

After getting so hot while working in the yard yesterday, I stayed inside today. Even though I was inside, I still managed to stay busy, helping Terri and Carolyn continue with the packing. The living room was finished, and much of the kitchen was packed. It's good that we can take our time with the packing because we can clean everything as we go, and get rid of what Terri doesn't want to keep. I think I can see another yard sale in my future.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, the two male dogs were picked up by their new family. Terri took it hard, and mourned for them. This morning, she seemed to have come to terms with what needed to happen, and is moving forward. We are hopeful that the female can be adopted before the end of this next weekend. The female seemed subdued, and moped around all day. Hopefully, she will be adopted by a family that loves her as much as Terri and Thomas do.

When we got home to the RV this evening, Billy Plowman was trying to pick some tomatoes from his bushes that are hard for him to reach. I had previously told him that if he needed help with the tomatoes to let me know because I have long arms and legs, and can stretch to reach just about all of them. He saw those long legs and arms in action today, as I put my boarding house reach into action and cleaned out the bushes for him. As a benefit, we had freshly picked tomatoes for supper. Ummm, boy!! They were outstanding.

We're hearing some thunder that seems to be getting closer, so I'll close for now. In addition, I'm wore out. What happened to retirement?

More later, be safe.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

More Hot Stuff

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 75 degrees, high 104 degrees, mostly clear until late in the afternoon, then cloudy

Today was the hottest day so far this summer, with the high reaching 104 degrees. It's starting to feel like north central Texas weather with the exception of the humidity.

After my morning walk, we had a few things to do around the RV before we went to Terri's house. I did the mowing and weedeating around the RV, then checked the water levels on the batteries for the RV and truck. Carolyn had some things she wanted to do, including cutting her hair. Have you ever seen a woman going after her hair with a set of electric clippers? Scary. She actually did a good job.

Once we got out to Terri's house, I got some boxes from the basement and moved them into the living room. Carolyn started packing everything that is not being used in that area. I went outside and started weedeating (not my favorite job) while the sprinklers ran. Once I finished outside, I was so hot and dirty, I went back to the RV and took a shower and put on clean clothes. Then it was back to the house to move the stuff out of the living room that had been packed. That included the theatre sound system that was connected to the HDTV.

The dogs got a good workout following me around while I was weedeating. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but the goofy dogs like to bite at the business end of the weedeater while it is running. That's in addition to them trying to bite the lawn mower while it is running. I've never seen anything like this from a dog before. The reason I mentioned the dogs is that the two males were picked up by their new family late this afternoon. Terri is heartbroken, but she knows that it is best for the dogs because they are being adopted by a family that will take good care of them. The family lives in the country with some acreage, and the dogs will not have to be penned up. They are good dogs, and we hope they do well with their new family. Carolyn and I will miss them.

More later, be safe.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hot, Hot, Hot

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 75 degrees, high 102 degrees, mostly clear skies, hazy

Summer is here!! The high temperature today was 102 degrees, and the dry weather continued. More of the same is in the forecast for tomorrow. I ran the sprinkler system again today, but I think we are fighting a losing battle with the grass.

The two male dogs were supposed to be picked up today by their new family, but the family had something come up and could not make it. They apologized and said they would be there tomorrow in the mid-afternoon. We don't have a family for the female (Heidi) yet, even though some people have asked to take her. The family that adopts her needs to be the right one, with plenty of space. We do expect her to be adopted before the end of next week. It's going to be strange with the dogs gone, and we will miss them.

We packed Thomas's stuff in his bedroom, except for the clothes hanging in his closet. He is in Athens visiting his dad for a couple of weeks, so that makes it easy to take care of his stuff. When he left, he knew his mom was looking for an apartment. When he gets back, she will be moved and settled in. Talk about changes.

I don't have much to write about tonight. The weather can only generate so many words, and getting Terri ready to move is just hard work. On that note, I'll close for tonight.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Vidalia, Georgia: The Sweet Onion City

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

More Mowing

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 72 degrees, high 96 degrees, partly cloudy, hazy sky

Today's weather seemed to be a carbon copy of yesterday's. We need rain, so I started up the sprinkler system that I repaired a few days ago. The sprinklers do a fine job for the way they are designed to be used, but there's nothing like a good soaking rain to help the grass turn green.

Terri and Carolyn went to the apartment complex today so Terri could sign the lease for the apartment she is moving into by the end of July. She is looking forward to not having to drive so much, and Carolyn and I are looking forward to when the house sells so we don't have to do all the work required to keep the house in top shape for people to see it. Maybe we will be able to start traveling again. Wow, that would be a new experience.

While the women were in town, I was busy at the house (I think busy should be my middle name) mowing the outer reaches of the property so the grass and weeds don't get too high. Fortunately, this mowing does not have to be done very often, which helps. On Monday, I'll touch up the area around the house so it keeps looking good for prospective buyers. In addition, I'll use the weedeater, that instrument of torture I detest so much, to trim the driveway and sidewalks.

Tomorrow wil be traumatic for Terri. The two male dogs will be picked up their new family. She loves the dogs, and really does not want to let them go, but her new lifestyle and home will not be good for the dogs. We feel for her, but admire the way she is handling this.

More later, be safe.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Northport Diner

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 70 degrees, high 92 degrees, partly cloudy, hazy

The haze was so thick today that it looked like it might rain before the day was over. No rain occurred, so the haze will probably be back tomorrow. Too bad, because it makes for a very uncomfortable day with the resulting heat and humidity.

Terri and I asked Carolyn to go with us to look at two of the apartments we saw yesterday. She is able to see different things in a situation that I don't notice, and it's always good to have her input when we are making a decision. She agreed that both of the apartments would work for Terri and Thomas, but she also agreed that one of them would require installing a telephone and Internet connection because the wireless signal in that location is so bad. At the other apartment complex, the wireless signal is very strong, so Terri will be able to use her cell phone and air card for telephone and Internet access. So, with everything else being equal, Terri decided to take the second apartment. She turned in all the paperwork and will go back tomorrow to sign the lease. The apartment will be available on the 25th, so it works out great for her timetable.

Two of the dogs were supposed to be taken by a new family today, but the new owners could not make it. They will pick them up on Sunday. Terri is very sad about giving the dogs to a new family, but she knows it is best for the dogs. We thought the female dog was also adopted, but the prospective person backed out. Hopefully, another owner will be found soon.

We had a termite inspection performed of the house today, and there were no issues. If needed, Terri will be able to get a termite bond for a buyer, but she will hold up on that until it is needed. Most buyers do not require it.

We tried a new place (for Carolyn and I) for lunch. Usually, we don't eat much for lunch, preferring to eat a late breakfast and supper later in the day. However, we had been told by several people that the Northport Diner was a good place for lunch, so we tried it out today. I chose the meatloaf, fried okra, and field peas. Carolyn picked the pork chop, dressing with gravy, green beans, and cranberry sauce. She thought she was only getting one pork chop, but actually got two. Both of us had cornbread with the meal. We were offered free ice cream as a dessert. I have to say this meal was about as close to home cooked as anything I have ever gotten in a restaurant. And the price was very reasonable. I was full (actually, I was too full), and Carolyn brought enough of her food home that she had enough for supper. We will be going back to that restaurant.

More later, be safe.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sprinkler System Repaired

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 72 degrees, high 94 degrees, partly cloudy

I took the new transformer for the sprinkler system out to the house today. I hooked up the new part, turned on the system, and voila!! We have water being sprinkled. And not a minute too soon. The grass has turned brown, and the sprinklers should help get it looking good. There are approximately 30 sprinklers arranged in 3 groups. Some of them have been damaged and are not spraying like they should, and some others need adjusting, but it's nice to finally get the system repaired. Tweaking it should not be that hard. One good thing about the system is that it is provided water by the well, and Terri doesn't have to pay the city for that water. She does use city water for the house needs.

Terri and I went into town today to look at some apartments. She hopes to be able to be moved and settled by the time Thomas gets back from his visit with his dad. It's much easier to do this type of work without him under our feet. Moving out will allow us to clean the house one last time, and touch it up as needed until it is sold. In addition, school starts here in just over two weeks, and looking for an apartment early will allow her to have the time to find a place so Thomas doesn't have to change schools. We looked at five separate complexes, and the first two appear to be good candidates. We are going back to those two tomorrow for another look at them. If everything is still okay, Terri intends to pick one of them to lease.

We have been concerned about what to do about the dogs since Terri decided to sell the house. We put the word out that we were looking for homes for the dogs. Today, we received offers for all three of the dogs, and all of them will be adopted by people who have room for them to roam like they do now. The two males will be adopted by one family, while the female will be adopted by a lady who really likes her. It is very difficult for Terri to give them up, but she knows that it is best for the dogs.

After all these positive developments today, I'm wore out.

More later, be safe.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Short Road Trip

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 68 degrees, high 98 degrees, clear early, mostly cloudy later in the afternoon with scattered showers

We left the RV early this morning, going over to Terri's so we could pick up Thomas and take him to Birmingham to meet with Lori and her family at the zoo. Traffic was fairly heavy, but was not anything that held us up. The worse traffic was in and around Mountain Brook and Hoover, but even that was manageable.

We arrived at the zoo about 0840, and Lori was already there. We visited a few minutes, said our good byes, and headed back to Coker. If everything goes well, we expect to be in Texas to take care of some business in Bay City and Glen Rose during the late September and early October time frame. I wish our daughters lived closer together. It makes it difficult to see them as often as we would like.

After getting back from Birmingham, we went out to the house and did some tweaking. I did some minor yard work and we packed a few things in the basement. The last thing I did was try to get the sprinkler system going one more time. I may have found the problem with the system, and it appears the power supply, or transformer, was bad. I picked up another one at Lowe's, and I'll see if that fixes the problem. If it does, great. If not, I'm done with it.

As we were going back to the RV, it clouded up and started sprinkling a little. We didn't get much rain out of it, but it helped cool things off a little. After dropping Carolyn off at the RV, I went down the road a short distance and got a much needed haircut. I'm not sure where all that gray hair came from that fell on the floor. At least I'll be a little cooler. Carolyn usually does my hair, but she asked me to go to the barber shop this time.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Birmingham, Alabama: More Magic Than Ever

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Low Humidity

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 68 degrees, high 94 degrees, clear skies, low humidity

Today's weather was a repeat of yesterday. Warm, low humidity, a little windy, very comfortable outside. It feels like we are in north central Texas instead of Alabama.

Lori and her family left today to spend a day in Birmingham. There are some things they want to do up there before going home. It was nice to see them for a few days. Tomorrow, I will take Thomas up to meet them at the Birmingham Zoo, which they will tour. Then, Lori is taking her family up to Huntsville to meet up with their other grandparents. Thomas will ride with them and be picked up by his dad for a visit with him. Whew! That sounds like too much.

Another party interested in the house saw it this afternoon. We have not heard anything from the Realtor on this latest visit, but have our fingers crossed for some positive news. The market is a little slow, but our hope is that all the custom features in the house will be what sets it apart from everything else on the market and sells it for Terri.

We received our new cell phone today, and spent some time getting it activated and adding our old numbers to it's directory. The old one was still working fine as far as being able to make and receive calls, but we could not seem to get a battery for it that would hold a charge. I hope the new one gives us service as good as the old one did. We kept the bells and whistles out of the new one as much as possible so there are less things to break or malfunction.

Our work at the house has eased up a little since it went on the market. The major things we have to do now are keep the yard mowed and trimmed, and make sure the house looks good for visitors. That's a lot easier to do than all the preps getting it ready for the market. We even have time to meditate from time to time. And we're spending more time at the RV.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Birmingham, Alabama: The Magic City

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Monday, July 14, 2008

House Pictures

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 72 degrees, high 94 degrees, clear skies

A high pressure area went through here last night. As a result, we woke up to lower humidity than normal. In addition, we had some more wind, which helped make it more comfortable outside.

We went out to Terri's house earlier than we usually do so we could make sure the house looked good for the pictures the Realtor wanted to take for the Internet. We had been there about a half hour when the Realtor called and said she was on the way. Everyone pitched in and had the house looking great in no time. The picture taking went well, and the Realtor said they will be available for viewing tomorrow. She also said she has gotten several calls on the house, so there is some interest in it. The calls came because of the signs that were put up last Thursday. Maybe when the ads come out, it will be even better.

In addition to the work on the house, I did some mowing so the yard would continue to look good. I shouldn't have to do any yard work for a few days, which is okay with me.

Terri and Lori took their kids to a water park up at Bessemer for the day. The kids love that kind of thing, but we have gotten over it. We stayed at home and took it easy. In the afternoon, we went to Sam's Club for some things we use. On the way back, I stopped at the library and picked up some new books to read. As I have mentioned before, both of us are avid readers, and really like a good mystery. After the library, Carolyn wanted to stop at K-Mart because we haven't been there in some time. Don't worry, I didn't have a seizure because we didn't go to WalMart. We picked up a couple of things at K-Mart and came on home.

After meditating a few minutes, I got a bucket of water and wiping cloth and wiped the truck down. We are finally getting the time to do some of our chores that keep things going for us. Later in the day, Carolyn prepared spaghetti sauce and meat balls with pasta. Very tasty. All in all, not a bad day.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Bessemer, Alabama: The Marvel City

Not all who wander are lost.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 76 degrees, high 97degrees, partly cloudy

We're getting used to the high temperatures and humidity with no breezes that seems prevalent here in the summer. Today, we had fairly brisk winds that seemed more suited for Texas than Alabama. I'm not sure what caused the winds today, but it made things more comfortable outside. Here's hoping the winds continue, especially if I have to work outside.

I took my morning walk, and then late in the afternoon, we decided to get a milkshake. Once I got to the milkshake place, I decided I didn't want one. It has been many years since I have had a milkshake. For some reason, they are not my favorite drink. I like ice cream, but hardly ever think about having a milkshake.

The rest of the day, we stayed at home and took it easy. Tomorrow, the Realtor is going to Terri's house to take pictures to put on the Internet. We will go over early to make sure everything looks good. In addition, I have some yard work to do, including mowing and weed eating. Once all that is done, we'll spend the rest of the day with Lori and her family. They will probably leave on Wednesday. Lori has to fly back to Houston to continue a graduate class she is taking, while Julian and Zoe will be going to visit relatives on their father's side. Their dad had to return to Texas today because he has jury duty in Bay City tomorrow.

Has anyone been following the presidential campaign politics? Do these guys really think they can make a difference in this country? It looks like the people around both candidates are doing everything they can to sabotage their man's campaign. Even though the president can offer suggestions and promises, the real power lies in Congress. If the Congress is hostile, nothing is going to happen. If the Congress is friendly to the president, there is a chance they will pass what he wants, but only if they get what they want. The president can only serve two terms. Maybe it's time to limit the terms of people in Congress.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Jasper, Alabama: Twice The Lifestyle At Half The Price

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Mexican Restaurant

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 74 degrees, high 98 degrees, scattered showers

We spent most of the day visiting with our daughters and their families at Terri's house. In the afternoon, I came home to meditate and clean up the inside of the truck. Carolyn went with Terri and Lori to Hobby Lobby and Target. I'm not into that kind of shopping. After their shopping was done, Carolyn was dropped off at the RV, and plans were made to get together for supper.

It seemed everyone wanted Mexican food for supper, so Terri suggested we go to Jalapeno's, a restaurant we have been to before. I suggested we try a new place in Northport that was recommended to us by Chuck, the son-in-law of Ruth, our landlord. He had gotten the recommendation from a student of his from Ecuador. The draw of the new place was that it was authentic Mexican food. We have been having problems finding good Mexican food in this area, and I was hoping the new place would be good. When I say good Mexican food, keep in mind that we have lived in Texas for many years, and I don't think we ever got that type of food that we were dissatisfied with while there.

We went into the restaurant tonight with high hopes. It is a small family owned place, with seating for no more than 30 people. The menu had a large number of items on it, and we had never heard of some of them. The tortillo chips were freshly prepared, and still hot when brought to the table. Two kinds of sauce were served with the chips, including verde', or green, and a red sauce that they called roja. Both of the sauces were on the warm side, and I'm not talking thermally warm. I'm talking peppers hot. The verde' sauce was definitely the hotter one, and both of them were tasty. The problem was that we couldn't eat much of them. Thomas did not realize that they were hot, and he dipped into the verde' with gusto until he realized with a sudden start that his mouth was burning. He drank everything he could get his hands on. Later on, when he had recovered a little, he said the heat caused him to be light headed. That's the first time I've heard that before.

Everyone ordered something different, with Terri and Lori ordering the chiles rejenos, I ordered enchiladas, Carolyn ordered quesadilla, Julian ordered fajitas, Zoe ordered chicken, and Thomas ordered steak burrito. I don't remember what John ordered. I think the best dish was the chiles.

How did it taste? I thought the food was a little bland. I expected something similar to what we can get in Texas, and this food was not that type. Will we eat there again? I don't think so, and the search goes on for a good Tex-Mex restaurant.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Olympia, Washington: The Capital of The Evergreen State

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Visiting With Lori And Family

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 74 degrees, high 98 degrees, partly cloudy early, mostly cloudy late

Lori and her family did not arrive until after 2200 hours last night. We met them at the intersection of US 82 and the West Bypass so we could show them where Terri lives. By the time we visited and caught up with how everyone was doing, it was almost midnight. I was unable to get to sleep until about 0100 hours, and woke up about 0415 hours. I couldn't go back to sleep and finally got up about 0445 hours. I hate when that happens.

Since I had gotten up so early, I decided to go for my morning walk as soon as it was light enough. As a result, my walk was finished by the time I usually start it. At least the sun didn't add to the heat, because it wasn't up yet. I hope this early rising doesn't become a habit.

We spent a good part of the day visiting with our daughters and their families at Terri's house. It is amazing how fast the grandchildren are growing up. Julian is 16 years old, Thomas is 12, and Zoe is 11. Before we know it, they will be in college.

About mid-afternoon, we came back to the RV. Everyone else was going to the mall, and that is not our favorite pastime. Going back to the RV gave us a chance to meditate a little, especially since I woke up so early. I didn't sleep, but the rest helped me feel better.

Terri bought a Verizon air card for her lap top computer so she could access the Internet wherever she is. Usually, when she is away from home, she can access fast connections. At her house, however, there is little to no signal, so the speed is very slow. I helped her order an antenna to attach to the air card with the hope that it would boost the signal enough that it would be usable. After using the antenna for a week, it was obvious that it was not helping. I contacted the company we ordered it from, and they are going to allow us to return it. Terri has decided she will make do with just the air card. When she moves to town, she won't have a problem with a signal. In fact, she should have broad band speed.

One of the people who was looking at the house called and told me they have decided to build a house, so that prospect is gone. However, another prospect has appeared, and they looked at the outside of the house today. We'll see whether they want to go any farther.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Weeki Wachee, Florida: City Of Live Mermaids

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Light Rain

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 75 degrees, high 100 degrees, partly cloudy until late in the afternoon, then all clouds - a few light sprinkles early in the evening. At the time this post is being written, it has been raining lightly for the last 30 minutes. I hope it keeps raining like this. Terri's yard needs it.

My good intentions of trying to walk earlier only lasted one day. It was well after 0700 hours before I got started this morning, and by the time my walk was finished, I had sweat dripping off my fingers. I hope no one is offended by my tales of sweat.

At the RV park where we are staying, we mow and weed eat our yard. It doesn't take much to do this little yard around us, but wouldn't you know that the mower ran out of gas with about five minutes work left. The gas container was at Terri's house, so I had to wait until late this afternoon to finish mowing. While I was finishing up, I mowed part of an elderly woman's yard who lives next to us. As far as I know, she didn't know what I was doing, so I hope she doesn't get upset with me.

When we went out to Terri's, I loaded up the stuff she wanted to give to charity and took it to the Salvation Army store in Northport. I don't take stuff like this into town until I have a trip planned, and it happened that I needed to run some errands. So it all worked out and we got rid of this stuff that is no longer needed. Maybe someone else can use it, and the Salvation Army can always use the money.

Today, the real estate company put a lock box on Terri's house and placed signs showing the house is for sale. Pictures will be taken of the interior on Monday, which will be posted on the Internet for prospective buyers to view. We're hoping for a lot of traffic and a quick sale. Then, maybe some of this work will be finished.

Our youngest daughter Lori and her family are on the way here for a visit of several days. Thomas is so excited, he can hardly stand himself. He has all kinds of things planned for his cousins Julian and Zoe. I think they're planning a trip to a water park near Bessemer tomorrow. Carolyn and I will probably pass on that. A day of fun for us would be a day with no work.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Zephyrhills, Florida: The Friendly City

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wasp Attack

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 75 degrees, high 96 degrees, partly cloudy

We had a light shower that lasted all of three minutes at Terri's house today. We need rain badly at the house because the grass is not doing well. I am still having problems getting the sprinkler system going, but we expect some instructions in the next day or so that should help. As I am writing this, there are dark clouds to the north that we hope will bring some rain.

I went to town with Terri this morning to run some errands. It seemed as though every red light caught us, and the lights were not short. I think the Tuscaloosa area has some of the worse traffic that I have driven in, and it's primarily because the traffic lights are not synchronized. You go through one light only to get stopped at the next one, then repeat the pattern at every one. Sheesh!

I tried to be smarter with my morning walk by getting my walk going by 0615 hours. The sun was not beating down and that helped, but it was just as humid as ever. Can you spell sweaty? I'm going to try to continue walking earlier if I can manage to get out soon enough. Sometimes it's hard to do.

Late in the afternoon after we got home from Terri's house, we had a power outage that lasted about five seconds. I hold my breath when these things happen because these things can cause appliances and equipment to burn up. No problems at the RV when it was over, but a little later we received a call from Terri that the air conditioner for the house was not working. I went out to the house and started checking things with my very limited amount of experience. I could tell that the fan in the house was working, but the compressor outside was not running. I could hear a hum coming from the unit that indicated we had power to it. I started looking for the breaker box to see if there was a problem there. Since I didn't know where the breaker was, I started searching for it. Opening the first box I found outside, I was greeted by a swarm of very aggressive wasps. After spaying them amid weaving and dodging, I came out of the encounter with one bite on my right wrist. The box wasn't the one I needed. Then I checked another breaker box in the laundry room, with no luck.

About that time, Terri told me she had called an AC repairman that she knew, and he was on his way out. The repairman arrived about five minutes later (is that great service?), and he found the right breaker box soon after. He reset the breaker, and the AC started running and cooling. It seems the little power outage had almost tripped the breaker, and it was not closed enough to make full contact. A simple fix for once, and now I know where the breaker is located. It is amazing how necessary air conditioning has become to our modern way of life.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Arab, Alabama: Proud Of Our Past, Embracing Our Future

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

No Weedeating Today!!

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 73 degrees, high 96 degrees, mostly clear

We got an earlier start today, which meant that I went on my morning trek before the sun was high in the sky. The temperature was slightly lower, but the humidity was just as bad. Sweat was running down my face and arms. For the first time, I noticed sweat dripping off my ears. I would hate to find out all this supposedly healthy exercise was not doing me any good.

I had to do some mowing at Terri's house today, and guess what? I skated on the weed eating!! Thomas helped me with that job. I've got to make more use of that resource. He's very good with the weedeater, and we all know how much I dislike using that piece of torture equipment.
After the yard work was finished, we worked some more on packing. Terri is being very critical when deciding what to keep and what to get rid of. It looks as though only about 30% of the stuff we are going through will be saved. That goes along with the way we look at RVing.

It's hard to believe that we get by now with what we carry in the RV. Before we began RVing, we had a house that was filled with the things that people feel they need to survive in the modern world. It has been almost liberating to us to not have to worry about keeping a roof over our things. Now, if we can only get Terri's house sold and Terri and Thomas moved.

In previous posts, I mentioned Terri's three German Shepherd dogs and how good they are as pets. I also mentioned that they have always lived in the country. Terri knows she will not be able to move them to town. We have been looking at different solutions to this problem, and it appears that we should have this issue worked out in the next couple of weeks. The solution should be in the best interest of the dogs. I hope so, because they are good dogs. It will be strange to not have them nipping at the mower when I'm cutting the yard.

I noticed oil prices dropped $9.00 per barrel today, but it doesn't seem to have affected the price of gas. Is it too much to hope that if the price of oil goes down, gas would follow? I guess the price is affected only with increases in oil prices, not decreases.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Corinth, Mississippi: Mississippi’s Gateway City

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Late Start

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 73 degrees, high 93 degrees, mostly clear

I got a late start on my walk this morning, and suffered the consequences with bright, hot sunshine. The humidity seemed worse and I was soaked with sweat by the time I had finished my trek. Normally, I try to begin my walk no later than 0630 hours. Today, it was almost 0900 hours before I started. I'll have to try to be more motivated and get started earlier in the future.

After my walk, I had enough errands to take care of in town that we did not get out to Terri's house until 1230 hours. Once there, we stayed busy until we left at 1730 hours. Among the work we did was some watering of plants and a quick run through on house cleaning to make sure it looked good if an interested person wanted to look at it. After that we spent the rest of the afternoon going through miscellaneous stuff, helping Terri sort out what she wanted to keep, what went to charity, and trash. We will finish that task tomorrow, then pack all of it up so we're ready to move it when the house sells. I'll go ahead and move the charity and trash stuff out of the house.

One of the tasks I did was to carry the contract on the house to the Realtor's office. She will probably be back tomorrow to take pictures and put up a sign. We are hoping for a quick sale, but the tough real estate market is tempering those hopes.

After getting home from Terri's, it was time to dump our holding tanks. This is a little task I have to do every two weeks or so. So, open the black water tank valve, flush the black water tank, close the black water tank valve, open the valves for the kitchen and shower tanks, and call it done for another two weeks. Piece of cake.

Just another day in Coker, Alabama.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Post Falls, Idaho: Idaho’s River City

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tomato Pie

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 72 degrees, high 87 degrees, showers early, clear after noontime

Rain showers started at the RV about 0700 hours and continued for about two hours. Unfortunately, there was not any rain at Terri's house, where it is really needed.

Because of the rain, I didn't go for my morning walk until about 0900 hours. It was cool for that time of the day, and made the walk easier. At least I didn't have a repeat of yesterday, when I got wet in the rain. After getting back from the walk, we took things easy, and read the paper. Then, about 1300 hours, we made a mistake and went to the WalMart Mall for some groceries we needed. We made the same mistake last week, and thought we had learned not to go there on the weekend. I guess some lessons are meant to be forgotten, because there we were, stuck in a line, wondering why we let that happen again.

After getting through at the Mall, we went out to Terri's so Carolyn could bake a tomato pie. As I mentioned, we are getting all the tomatoes we can eat, so Carolyn decided to prepare a tomato pie. I had heard of this dish for the first time last summer when we were in Charleston, South Carolina. It seemed every roadside store we stopped at was advertising their tomato pie. We didn't buy one because we thought they were overpriced at $12.00 each. We decided we would find a recipe and make one ourselves. Today was the day to make that first tomato pie. Carolyn's grandmother made tomato pie, but it was nothing like what Carolyn made today.

Carolyn used the basic recipe that she found, but made some changes to suit herself. The only problem we had with it was that we didn't have enough time for it to sit after coming out of the oven, because it is supposed to be eaten at room temperature. We were hungry and it was supper time. As a result of it not sitting long enough, it was a little runny. Other than that, it was very good. This dish is something I can see us having again in the future. The tomatoes came from Billy Plowman's bushes, and we shared the pie with him. I hope he enjoys it.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Tavares, Florida: Discover Our Waterways

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cell Phone Shopping

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 70 degrees, high 87 degrees, showers

We had scattered showers today and they were welcomed with open arms. Terri's yard got some much needed rain, and you could almost see it turning green. By Monday, it'll probably be time to mow again.

When I went for my morning walk, it was cloudy but not really threatening rain. No, it had to wait until I was too far from shelter to help before it started raining. I got soaked, and cut my walk short. I don't mind getting wet, but I really hate that squeaking sound my shoes make when they're wet.

We bought our current cell phone about 3 1/2 years ago, and have been keeping it limping along for the last year. The battery went bad, and we bought a new one for it that did not do the job. In order to keep the phone working, we have to leave it plugged into the charger when it's not being used. We have to keep a close eye on it to make sure it's ready when we need to make a call. Finally, I got tired of working around the problems with the old phone, and we went back to the phone store today in an attempt to find a phone that we liked. Now, keep in mind that we don't need all the fancy gadgets that most of the phones have, such as a camera, Internet access, texting, music downloads. Also keep in mind that this was the third time we have looked for another phone, without finding what we wanted. So, we were a little skeptical that we would find what we wanted, but we knew we needed to do our best to find a phone that met our needs.

We walked into the ATT store, and were greeted by a lady who asked if she could help us. My immediate thought was that this was different - no waiting. Not so fast, I found out. All she was doing was acting as an intermediary. We still had to wait about 15 minutes before we could talk to a salesperson. While waiting, we looked at phones that were available. We were not impressed because they all included the bells and whistles that we did not want or need. By the time the salesperson came to wait on us, I was of the opinion that we should go on down the road. Again, not so fast. We explained what we were looking for, and she agreed that ATT did not have what we needed for sale in their store. However, (BIG However!) she explained that ATT had an Internet special that included a phone just like what we were looking for. And to top it off, she had one in the store that she could let us look at. We looked the phone over, and made sure that all the bells and whistles were not present, and asked her to write the web address down so we could order online. When we got home, I went online and looked at the phone to ensure that it was what we wanted. Everything was perfect and the phone was free if we renewed our contract. So, we renewed, and we will be getting the new phone through the mail next week. If it doesn't work out, we have 30 days to return the phone and cancel the contract. Here's hoping everything is what we expect.

Because of the rain, today was a day of much needed rest. We could stand a few more of these rainy days.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Double Springs, Alabama: Gateway To Sipsey Wilderness

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th Of July

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 70 degrees, high 94 degrees, mostly clear early, mostly cloudy late in the afternoon

Happy 4th of July. Let's take a moment to reflect on those brave people who risked everything to start this great country of ours.

As I mentioned yesterday, we went up to the Natural Bridge, located in Bankhead National Forest. The route up is located in thinly settled countryside, with rolling hills covered with trees of all types. Traffic was very light. If a person finds his way to the Natural Bridge, it is because he planned to go there. It is not near any towns of significant size.

The area around the Natural Bridge is owned by private individuals. The attraction was opened about 50 years ago, and it doesn't look as though any improvements have been made since then. We paid our admission fee, which was very reasonable, at an old store that was filled with tourist stuff. Following directions we were given in the store, we walked down a path about 100 yards. At that point, we turned around and saw a natural rock formation on the side of the hill that resembled the profile of an Indian man. Uncanny.

Walking about 50 yards farther, we caught our first view of the Natural Bridge. It was created about 200 million years ago when the sandstone under it was washed away. It stays in the air because it is supported by iron ore veins running through it. The bridge is said to be the longest natural bridge east of the Rocky Mountains.

As we moved closer to the Natural Bridge, we saw that there was another smaller bridge on the other side. This was an unexpected surprise, since we had not heard about it.
After tromping around and under the bridge, Carolyn was ready to head back.

The rest of us looked around a little more, then went back to the car, where we pulled out the picnic lunch we had brought with us. Chicken strip rollups, carrot sticks, tomatoes, cucumbers, chips, blueberries. Boy, oh, boy. It doesn't get any better.

As we headed back home, we decided to take a different route. We went through the little crossroads of Natural Bridge, the towns of Double Springs and Arley, and the larger town of Jasper. Eventually, we made our way home, and were glad to get back. I'm wore out.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Arley, Alabama: Surrounded By Beautiful Lake Smith

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Front Porch

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 64 degrees, high 95 degrees, mostly clear

We went out to Terri's house today, but didn't stay all day because we have everything in pretty good shape. The grass is hardly growing because of the dry weather. After getting home, we meditated (at least I meditated - Carolyn went to sleep) and just took things easy. About 1400 hours, Terri brought Thomas over to the RV to stay with us while she went to the doctor. Thomas had some money he wanted to spend on fireworks, so I took him down to a stand near the WalMart Mall. He did a good job of getting the most for his money, with just a little help from me. His plan is to shoot half of them tomorrow, and save the rest for next week, when his cousins Julian and Zoe will be visiting from Texas. He is really excited about seeing their family, as are we.

As I have mentioned before, I go for a long walk every morning. Over the course of the last three months, I have come to know an older gentleman named Bruce Sanders. Bruce is 80 years old, and is out walking almost every day. He has lived in the Tuscaloosa area since the 1950s, and retired in the mid 1980s, when he sold three retail establishments in town. He is not a ball of fire when walking, but makes steady progress along the walking trail. We generally do not walk together since I tend to walk much faster than he does. However, we have started taking a few minutes to stop and talk to each other. He seems to have led an interesting life. At one time, he back packed from northern New Mexico to the Arctic Ocean. Wow! That must have been some trip. Last weekend, he went to New Orleans and had a good time. So good, that when he showed up on the path on Monday, he was moving slower than ever. I asked him if he was okay, and he said he had too good a time in New Orleans. Seeing Bruce out there every day is giving me inspiration to continue what I am doing for my health.

When Terri got back to the RV from her doctor's visit, we spent a little time visiting. All of a sudden, we realized it was supper time, and supper wasn't ready. Now, I wonder if this was planned by Carolyn? No, she wouldn't do that. Would she? Anyway, being the considerate husband I am, I suggested we go somewhere and eat. After kicking around some suggestions, Carolyn suggested the Front Porch, a family style restaurant in Northport. Of course, whatever she suggests, I go along with. Good thing I did, because Thomas and I had chicken and dumplings, while Carolyn and Terri had pork chops. The food was not bad, and was almost like home cooked. We'll have to go there when Lori and her family arrive.

We plan to take a road trip tomorrow up the road about 60 miles to the Natural Bridge. This is an attraction created by Nature over the course of many years. It is located in the Bankhead National Forest, and we hear the area is beautiful. I'll have a report and pictures tomorrow.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Demopolis, Alabama: City Of The People

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

45th Wedding Anniversary

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 56 degrees, high 91 degrees, mostly clear skies

Did you notice the low of 56 degrees? I can't remember ever seeing temperatures that low in July in the Deep South. Yesterday, the low was 60 degrees. If this is global warming, keep it coming!

We didn't go to Terri's today, but took a ride up the road to the little town of Brookwood, which is located about 20 miles north of Tuscaloosa. We had passed through there before, but didn't remember anything about the area. Our impression of the area is that the town is small and sleepy, with one red light. There appears to be some building of houses going on, and the area is probably a bedroom community for Tuscaloosa, Bessemer, and Birmingham. As I said, a sleepy little town.

We did notice that there are two Corp of Engineers (COE) recreation areas near Brookwood, and both of them have facilities for RVs. We will keep these spots in mind if we need a place to park for a few days in the future. We like the COE parks because they are usually well kept with plenty of room. In addition, the rates are very reasonable, especially for senior citizens.

This afternoon, we had another visit from the Garden Genie, who brought us some freshly picked blueberries. Can you spell blueberry muffins, or blueberry smoothies? How about fresh blueberries by themselves? Ummmm, ummm! The Garden Genie goes by various names including Ruth, Marsha, and Chuck. Very good neighbors, and we appreciate them.

I did some yard work around the RV late in the evening, and as I was putting everything up, another Garden Genie by the name of Billy Plowman gave us a colander full of ripe tomatoes from his bushes. Man, we are doing all right in the food line!

As I mentioned yesterday, today is our 45th wedding anniversary. Who could have guessed that our marriage would be so fulfilling. We have been through good and bad together. The bad times were made easier because I had someone to share the problems with. The good times were made better because I had someone to share them with. I cannot imagine life without Carolyn. Here's looking forward to whatever the future holds for us.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - St. Petersburg, Florida: Always In Season

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Brown Yard

Coker, Alabama

Weather: low 60 degrees, high 88 degrees, mostly clear skies

There has not been any rain to speak of at Terri's house for almost three weeks. Pretty amazing when we have had rain at the RV at least twice in the same time. As a result of no rain at the house, the grass in the yard is suffering. It is turning brown and hardly growing. The no growth part is fine with me except for the fact that we are trying to sell the house, and a green yard always looks better. And on top of no rain, I can't get the sprinkler system going.

The wife of the couple who looked at the house about two weeks ago was back today for another tour. The husband expects to come back after the holiday for another tour of the house, and to walk over the property. We'll see whether this goes anywhere. In the meantime, the house should be placed with the Realtor who came last week. One way or another, we hope the house sells soon.

We had a call from a person about buying Thomas's old bicycle. The person is looking at it tomorrow, and seemed very interested. If it is sold, that's one more thing that won't have to be moved. One step at a time.

Before we left Texas, Carolyn had prepared a dish several times that was new to us. That dish was lentils, and we were surprised by how much we liked them. Add some cornbread and a chunk of sausage, and you have some mighty fine eating. She fixed the same dish today, and it was a big hit for supper. Very tasty and filling.

Our great neighbors gave us some fresh cucumbers from their garden. We are looking forward to eating them. There is nothing like fresh vegetables.

Tomorrow is a special day for Carolyn and I. It will be our 45th wedding anniversary, and we do not have anything planned except a day for us. Just imagine, 45 years ago tonight I was still single, about to begin a life with someone I loved. I didn't know if the marriage would last, but was willing to take a chance that it would. Little did we know that our life together would be as good as it has been.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Leesburg, Alabama: Crappie Capital Of The World

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