Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall Migration

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 45 degrees, high 70 degrees, clear skies

When the weather is cool and I can use the covers on the bed to snuggle in, I usually sleep well. Last night, the low was 45 degrees, and I burrowed into the covers. I didn't wake up until 0730 hours, which is the latest I've slept in some time. I was tired, too, so that might have had something to do with sleeping late. Whatever it was that helped me sleep so well, I sure appreciated it.

I had several chores to do once I finally got going. The garbage had to be taken out, the holding tanks dumped, straightening of the basement.... Then I went to the WalMart Mall for a few things, as well as getting the truck serviced. By the time I returned home, we only had a few minutes before we met Lori and the grandkids at K-2 Restaurant for lunch. While we were waiting to leave, I took care of a couple more chores.

We got to K-2 a few minutes before Lori, which gave me time to catch my breath. When they arrived, it was good to see them, since it had been a couple weeks. As I said before, all of us are busy, so it's nice to get together when we can. We had a good meal which lasted about an hour and a half because everyone was talking, catching up on what's been happening.

After lunch, we went by the library to get more books, and then it was home to vegetate and watch college football the rest of the day. Supper was leftovers, which I like. All in all, a pretty good day off.

As I was at The Mall, I noticed several RVs. This is the time of the year when the fall migration of winter Texans takes place, on their way to the coast and Valley. Bay City is a resupply point, as the travelers stock up on fuel, water, food and other necessary items as they get ready for the long space between here and the next town, at least 30 miles away. A person can never be too prepared as they strike off into the great unknown.

More later, be safe.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Night Out

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 53 degrees, high 64 degrees, cloudy skies

It was an uneventful day at work, with everything on the project humming along. Things are going great since we solved the problems of the last two weeks. We made up several hours on the schedule today, and should be able to continue the momentum. Refueling of the reactor should begin in a couple of days, followed by placement of the new reactor vessel head on the reactor. Testing of the new components will follow, and startup of the reactor. I think everyone here is ready for this to be finished.

In last night’s post, I mentioned that I had a consulting job commitment for one to two weeks in New Orleans after this outage here is finished. I talked to the folks over there today, and we may have worked out a way to take care of the commitment. I still have some details to work out.

When I was still working full time, Carolyn and I would go out to a restaurant for supper on Friday nights. It almost felt like a date, and was something we looked forward to. After I “retired”, we seemed to get out of the habit of going out on Friday night, since we could go to a restaurant any time we wanted without regard to what time of the week it was. Last week, we decided to go out Friday night, and it was a nice change. We both enjoyed the change, and have decided that we’ll start that little routine again. Last week’s choice to go to was K-2 Restaurant, and this week, we went to the Waterfront Restaurant at the Matagorda Boat Harbor . It was an enjoyable meal, made even nicer by the company.

The temperature in the morning is forecast to be in the 40s, which will be the lowest so far this fall. I really like snuggling under the cover when it’s cool. It sure makes sleeping nice.

More later, be safe.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bessie Mae

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 79 degrees, high 84 degrees, cloudy, windy, rain

There has been a lot of work performed in the last 24 hours as we finally moved the old reactor head out of the containment building and to it’s storage area. Then the new head was moved into containment and reassembly activities on it began. In the last 24 hours, we have gained about 12 hours on our schedule, and we expect more gains as we continue the process of putting everything back together.

I have been asked to help the site with another project that will start shortly after this outage is over. In fact, I have already performed some planning activities for the new project, but have not made a formal commitment to stay. There are some things Carolyn and I need to do, such as go to Glen Rose for our yearly physicals and a dentist appointment for Carolyn here in Bay City . In addition, I had previously made a commitment to go to a plant near New Orleans for one to two weeks to perform an assessment of some planning efforts they are working on which would lead to replacing their steam generators. I’m not sure how I’ll work all of this out at this time.

I saw that the Cash for Clunkers program, which was supposed to cost taxpayers about $4500 per car, actually cost about us about $24,000 per car because many of the cars that were sold would have been sold anyway. That started me thinking about how often we buy a new vehicle, which is not often at all. on average, we keep vehicles about 15 years before getting another one. The last one I sold was about 30 months ago. It is a Nissan pickup truck, had 235,000 miles on it and still ran great when I sold it. A friend that lives in Granbury, Texas, bought the truck and is still driving it. He updates me on how Bessie Mae is doing from time to time, and likes her as much as we did. I can only hope that all of my vehicles do as well she has.

More later, be safe.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What Is Retirement?

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 56 degrees, high 82 degrees, partly cloudy skies, windy

I’m not going to say anything about the problems at work today except that we continue to face the issues and solve them as we move along. Instead, I was thinking about what motivates people to go back to work when they’ve worked all their lives so they can do what they want when they retire.

The most obvious reason people go back to work is because they don’t have enough money to live on. That can be due to poor financial planning, medical emergencies, the cost of living increasing, or the stock market taking a dive and devastating a person’s investments. Other reasons people go back to work is because they become bored, they miss the social aspect of work, or they miss the sense of accomplishment that comes from being part of a team that develops and executes plans for large projects. I’ve heard some people say they missed the regimentation that working brought to their lives by having a place to go every day.

More and more, I hear people say that they don’t want to be like a person they knew that retired, sat on the front porch watching the world go by, and died six months after retiring. If that means working longer will keep them alive, they’re prepared to do it. Then there’s those who are concerned that if they stop using their brain in stimulating ways, their memory will be less sharp, as will their reasoning skills. It’s been well documented that it’s important to continue to exercise our minds as we get older.

My first encounter with retirement was back in 2000, when I took advantage of a very good early retirement package. The only condition of the package was that I stay on the job until a project I was working on was completed. Word got out to the industry that I was leaving that job and job offers started coming in. As a result, five days after “retiring”, I was working in another job 1500 miles away. That project lasted for 15 months, and was the type of job that I finally had to leave because I would have worked myself to death if I had stayed. There was so much to do and a great urgency to do the work, but a lot of resistance from an entrenched culture. Two weeks later, I was back at the plant I had retired from, working as a consultant on a project that lasted for another 15 months. So, 30 months after “retiring”, I was working more than when I was not “retired”.

When the latest job was finished, I thought I was finally ready to enjoy retirement. Ha! After three months of doing what we wanted when we wanted, I received an offer to take part in a project that had never been performed in this country. That caught my interest, but not Carolyn’s. I finally accepted the job, but only because it was for only three months. Then it was back to real retirement. For 18 months, we traveled, visited family, slept late, went to bed late, and generally stayed busy doing what we wanted. Life was good, and getting better all the time. I was used to being retired, and every day was like Saturday. Job offers were coming in, but I was turning them down.

Then came a visit from an old friend who was working near Fort Worth, Texas on a project that needed someone with my skills and experience. Carolyn and I talked it over, and I accepted the job. That one lasted 26 months, and was one of the best jobs I ever worked on. In addition, we found an area of Texas that we could see ourselves settling down in, and we made a lot of new friends. After that job was finished, plus a short consulting stint of two weeks at another site, I decided I was done. No more work, retired.

A little over two years later, here I am working again. So, does that mean I’m retired? In my mind at this time, I am, because I have the option of working or not working. I don’t want to do anything long term, and have the freedom to turn work down, which I have done on a regular basis. Can I walk away from work and be happy? Absolutely!! I find that when I’m not working, I don’t have any problem with staying busy and keeping my mind challenged. I can never see myself sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch, watching the world go by.

This was a long post, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about for awhile. I hope it’s not been too boring.

More later, be safe.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Progress

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 56 degrees, high 70 degrees, cloudy early, then clear skies, windy

Little progress was made in moving the old reactor head from the containment building last night. There were issues with the crane removing the old head, but those issues were solved today. Then another problem came up with a clearance issue. The old head seems to be resisting leaving it’s home of the last 25 years, digging it’s heels in every time we seem to be making progress. I can’t remember being on a project that has had the number and types of problems we have had to solve as we have on this one. With all of the lessons learned, the next outage in Unit 2 should go much smoother.

Many of our people in the office have been working without a day off for about three weeks as we work through the problems. Fortunately, I have been able to take a day off each week, which has helped a lot. Today, one of our people had to go to the doctor for some physical problems he is having. We received word this afternoon that he will be having a stress test in the morning. I hope he passes with flying colors, because the job is not worth harming his health. This project will finish, even if it's not on time and he's not there.

Carolyn's vertigo was better today as the barometric pressure increased. More and more, we think the atmospheric pressure has some effect on her dizziness. She felt well enough to clean the carpet in the RV. When I arrived home, she asked me to put the carpet cleaner up. Can you imagine what I will have to do in order to put the cleaner up? Pull about half the stuff out of the basement, put the carpet cleaner in, and put about half the stuff that was in the basement back in. I did not feel like doing that much work. I'll get it when I'm off Saturday. My list of stuff to do then is growing.

More later, be safe.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Torrential Rain

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 58 degrees, high 78 degrees, cloudy and rainy, windy

To say that we had some rain today was an understatement. It came down in torrents, and when the rain did slow down, a rain coat was nice to have for going outside. The temperature when I left for work this morning was 74 degrees, and when the front passed through, it dropped to the upper 50s. It would have been nice to have a light jacket at work today.

We began moving the old reactor head early this morning, and were almost ready to move it through the equipment hatch and onto the transporter when work was stopped because of the severe weather headed our way. The project felt it would be unsafe to have workers outside with lightning, high winds, and heavy rain coming down at the same time we were moving a load weighing about 125 tons. We stopped about 0900 hours, and started the move again at 1200 hours. A short time later, it was discovered that the mechanism being used to pull the old head out of containment could not get traction on the wet surfaces. Sand was placed on the surface, with no improvement in traction. The rain kept coming down, and that didn’t help any.

Most other work for the outage is drawing to a close. Once the new head is in containment, work on it will be finished while the fuel is reloaded into the reactor. In about a week, most work will be finished and containment will be cleaned up. Testing on the new head will take a couple of days, and everything should be ready to start the reactor. At least I hope so. As I said before, things to do and places to go.

Carolyn's vertigo is acting up with this change in the weather. It seems that when the barometric pressure drops, she has more problems with the vertigo. When the pressure rises above 30 on the barometric scale, she does better, with less problems with dizziness and nausea. When we see our doctor next month, she is going to tell him our observations. Who knows, maybe the doctor will hear something from Carolyn that triggers a treatment that will help her.

More later, be safe.

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Get 'Er Done

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 62 degrees, high 82 degrees, cloudy skies, windy

My day off yesterday helped me feel better, and I went back to work ready to get 'er done. Well, good intentions mean a lot, but didn't help once I got to the office. I was away from the job for 36 hours, and not much was accomplished. We made good progress today, and if everything goes well tonight, the old reactor head should be ready to be removed from the containment building when I go to work tomorrow. Then we'll move the head to storage, move the new head into containment, and begin the process of putting everything back together. It sounds simple, but is quite complicated with us coordinating the activities of several groups working on the reassembly process at one time.

I mentioned in last night's post that I was going to watch the Florida/Mississippi State football game until I had to go to bed. I managed to see all of the game, and Florida won a tough struggle, 29 to 19. The games seem to get harder and harder to win. Next weekend, it's Florida against Georgia.

The weather forecast shows heavy thunderstorms tomorrow and tomorrow night, with local flooding. We're ready for some drier weather here, and if we get much more rain, the mosquitoes are going to carry us away. There are so many of them, the mosquito should be the state bird of Texas. Clute is so proud of their mosquitoes that they have the annual Mosquito Festival to celebrate the lowly insect. Of course, Texans don't need much of an excuse to have a party. Brazoria has the annual No Name Festival, which is a convenient reason to drink beer and eat bar-b-que.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Clute, Texas: Home Of The Great Texas Mosquito Festival

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Groundhog Day?

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 52 degrees, high 76 degrees, clear skies

Remember the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray? The same day kept being repeated several times, and that's the way I've felt for the last several Saturdays. Get up, go get pigs in a blanket for breakfast, check the e-mail, watch a little news on television until I get discouraged at all the uninspiring stuff our government is laying on us, go to the WalMart Mall to pick up a few things there, buy diesel for the truck, go to HEB and pick up a few more things, take a ride in the country to see how things may have changed since we were here last.... Wait a minute! The ride in the country was different from the last few weeks, so I guess it's not another Groundhog Day after all.

Since Carolyn arrived here a few weeks ago, we haven't had the time to get out and see the changes that time has made. In town, the biggest change is that several new hotels have been built, apparently in anticipation of the business that may be here if and when two new nuclear plants are built. The WalMart Mall is a new Super Center that's about as nice as I have seen. A new RV park is being built in town that will have about 75 spaces. A small housing development is being built that is the first one here in several years. A new Chili's restaurant and a new Pizza Hut rounds out the new construction in town. There are some changes outside town, including new houses, but nothing approaching what has happened in town.

I did watch some more college football, especially the Alabama/Tennessee game. Two tough, physical teams that look a lot alike as far as their style of offense and defensive effectiveness. Neither team has a great quarterback, which is probably their biggest negatives. If they did have a good quarterback, both of them would be hard to beat.

Tonight, I'm watching the Florida/Mississippi State game, until I have to give up and go to bed.

More later, be safe.

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Friday, October 23, 2009


Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 49 degrees, high 72 degrees, clear skies

When I walked into the office this morning, everyone on night shift was all smiles as they had a very good night of getting work accomplished. When night shift came in this evening to relieve the day shift, we were glum and despondent because we had such a bad day. It seemed like everything we touched today either didn't work or took much longer to accomplish than it ever has before. What a frustrating day!

The overwhelming majority of people in this industry take pride in their work and in being part of a team that accomplishes the goals they set for themselves. Being involved in a project like this one that has been dealing with all the issues we have been faced with is tiring and tends to wear a person down. It was announced today that the outage length has been extended by ten days. Many people would be happy with their employment and overtime being extended if a schedule is not met. That's not the case here because most people have other jobs to go to, and there is that pride thing that likes to be part of something that ends on schedule and budget.

For a couple of days I thought I might have to work on my day off, which is tomorrow. Things worked out to where I didn't have to work, so I will take my normal day off tomorrow. In preparation for the day off, I called Carolyn and invited her to go out to dinner. She jumped all over that because I'm such a good cook. She loves it when I cook. We went to K-2 Restaurant, which we ate at many times when we lived here. Tonight was the first time we have eaten supper there in several years, and we enjoyed it. On top of that, we had leftovers for tomorrow. So I guess I could say I cooked for two meals. What's so hard about cooking?

More later, be safe.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Caught In The Rain

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 67 degrees, high 80 degrees, rain early, then partly cloudy skies

As I was walking in to the office this morning, a torrential downpour caught me between buildings. By the time I was under cover, I looked as though I had stood in a shower with the water turned wide open. Fortunately, a co-worker happened to have an extra shirt, which he loaned to me. I heard people complaining most of the day about their shoes and socks being wet. Some of them even went so far as placing paper towels in their shoes with them on in an attempt to help dry their shoes out. It is a miserable feeling to have wet clothes on in an air conditioned environment.

It was a very busy day at work and we made good progress in moving forward with the plans developed yesterday to use new parts in place of the parts we can't remove from the old reactor head. At this time, it looks as though we will begin removing the old head from the containment building in about two days. Then we will move the new head into the building and start getting it ready to place on the reactor vessel. There's still a lot of work to do, but we're moving forward.

Has anyone noticed what's been happening with the stock market? Since the low point in the market, it has recovered about 3500 points. That's still a long way from the high of over 14,000, but at least people's 401-k accounts are not bleeding like they were.

Don't tell Carolyn, but I'm taking her out to supper after work tomorrow night. There are not many choices here, but we'll find something.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Lampasas, Texas: There’s Always Something Going On In Lampasas

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Decisions Made

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 67 degrees, high 85 degrees, windy, showers late in the afternoon

After another day of having limited success in removing stuck components on the old reactor head, the decision was made to move forward and use new parts to replace the stuck parts. This decision was made based on schedule, costs, and lost revenue due to the outage taking longer than expected. The next few days will be busy as we prepare the old head for removal from containment and bring the new head into containment. In fact, it may be so busy that I will have to work on Saturday, my day off. Ouch!! At least Florida's college football game against Mississippi State is being played Saturday night. I should be able to watch it on television if I can stay awake long enough.

When I went into work this morning, a security officer was getting tag numbers from cars parked in the parking lot. I didn't see anything wrong, but the officer said they were parked illegally. I asked the officer how the people would know they were parked wrong, and he said there a sign posted. I looked around, and didn't see a sign. The officer said it's over there. Yeah, right. Fifty feet away and in the dark. I pointed that out to him, and his response was that people should pay attention to where they park. When I came out tonight to go home, barricades had been placed to keep cars out of the area. Why didn't they do that from the start?

It is expected that the outage length will be extended by about ten days because of the issues we have been having. Don't these people realize we have places to go and things to do? Seriously, though, it's tough to see this happen to a site that I worked at for so long and affect the people as much as this will. This is a great place to work, and the people are outstanding. I hope they can get past this setback as quickly as possible and back to the world class performance they are accustomed to.

More later, be safe.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Train Horns

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 67 degrees, high 85 degrees, partly cloudy skies, windy

The remnants of a hurricane that came into Mexico from the Pacific Ocean is projected to affect our weather to some extent over the coming weekend. The effects will be mostly rain, which the area doesn't need at this time. It would be great if the rain passed to the north of us.

Our travails with stuck components on the old reactor head continued at work today. Some progress was made, and we are making contingency plans for taking different paths to solve the issues.

Arrrrghhh! Another train just blew it's horn outside the window. Can you imagine how loud those horns are when you're only about 50 feet away from the train? Sometimes, they shake the RV as they pass. In fact, it's shaking now. If I never see another train after leaving here, it won't hurt my feelings.

It seems like I get home a little later every day because of the issues we're having at work. At least Carolyn is here to take care of the RV and cook for me. She had home made hamburgers for supper today, and they were just as good as ever. I tell her every day how much I appreciate what she does for me. Besides that, she's a pretty good bud.

More later, be safe.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

More Old Friends

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 50 degrees, high 79 degrees, partly cloudy skies

The problems with being able to remove components from the old reactor head continued today. Progress is being made, but slowly. Once the parts that are giving problems are removed, we should be able to make up some of the lost time. We have a lot of people here who have done this work before, and none of them can recall having this type of problem before. The old reactor head was scheduled to be removed from containment three days ago, and it looks like it will be another three days before it will be moved.

I heard that CNN was going to be here this afternoon to do a report on the outage and nuclear power. It will be interesting to see the slant they put on their report, since this is one of the sites that is planning to build two new reactors. From the reports I hear, the effort here is probably going to lead to the start of the first new reactors to be built in the US in the last 30 years. The site’s licensing application is moving through the Nuclear Regulatory Agency’s review process, and has another one to two years to go before they will issue a license that will allow for the building and operation of the new reactors. Once the approval is given, the first reactor should begin operating in about four years. Some preliminary dirt movement has already started on drainage ditch relocation. It’s an exciting time to be in the nuclear industry.

On my way out of the plant today, I ran into another old friend that I hadn't seen in several years. Robert is one of the genuinely nice people that I have met here, and I was glad to hear that he and his family are doing well. They have three children, and all three are in college or involved in postgraduate degrees. He told me that he and his wife were enjoying a quieter house and getting reacquainted. As I left Robert and walked on into the parking lot, I ran across two more old friends. We talked for several minutes before they had to go in to work. Have I ever said how important work is to most people's social life? Especially in our modern world, where people who live next door to each other seldom see one another, much less talk.

More later, be safe.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Little Sleep

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 55 degrees, high 75 degrees, clear skies

This was my first day back at work after an enjoyable day off, and it started with meetings that continued throughout the day. The project has encountered some problems with removing components from the old reactor vessel head that have not been encountered before. Engineers are scratching their heads, managers are leading problem solving sessions, and work crews are implementing ideas in an attempt to remove parts that don’t seem to want to leave the old head. One of the things among many that I like about this industry is the teamwork that takes place when an issue arises. There is so much talent and experience available here to work on problems like this, and I have no doubt we will be successful in solving this one.

Apparently I got more rest than I realized yesterday because I had a lot of trouble going to sleep last night. When I was able to sleep, it wasn’t for long periods of time. By 0300 hours, I gave up on sleeping, and got up to read some. I’m hopeful tonight will be better. Amazingly, I didn’t seem to feel the effects of hardly any sleep while at work. Of course, when I got home after work was a different story. Carolyn had a great supper of pork chops, yellow squash, and seasoned rice, along with a slice of pecan pie for dessert. Ummmm, boy! It doesn't get any better. After a supper like that, it didn't take long to start feeling the lack of sleep. I struggled to stay up long enough to write the blog and spend some time with Carolyn. Maybe I'll feel better tomorrow,

More later, be safe.

Today's State - Kansas: The Sunflower State

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Typical Day Off

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 56 degrees, high 72 degrees, clear skies, low humidity

What a glorious day the weather gave me for a day off. It was perfect weather that would be great to have all year long. We'll take what we can get, and be happy to get it.

This was a more or less typical day off. I was able to sleep until after 0600 hours, which helped me feel better. I went to Shipley's Donuts and bought some pigs in a blanket for breakfast. Then I took care of some chores around the RV that Carolyn can't do. While she was doing her thing, I went to the WalMart Mall and bought diesel for the truck and picked up a few things that we usually buy there. Then it was back home to pick up Carolyn so we could do some light shopping that she needed to do.

On our way to do the shopping, we ran into the traffic being diverted away from the annual Rice Festival parade that was going on. Since we know our way around town, we were able to bypass the traffic jams so we could get to the bank and library. HEB was the next stop so we could buy the groceries Carolyn wants for the next week. They were very busy, which may indicate that the economy is getting better here. Once we got out of the store, it was back home for rest and relaxation.

As I do on a typical day off, I watched college football, with an emphasis on Oklahoma and Texas, and a special emphasis on the Florida and Arkansas game. There are worse ways to spend a day off.

After the Florida/Arkansas game, which Florida won with a late field goal, we met Lori and the grandkids for supper at a local restaurant. Lori's fractured nose is not showing the kind of bruising we expected, but I'm sure it's still painful. She's still got another 5-6 weeks before all the pain is gone.

More later, be safe.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Cranes Finally Working

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 69 degrees, high 82 degrees, partly cloudy skies

The temperature felt much better today, and the weekend should be even better. I’m off work tomorrow, so I plan to enjoy the time off, especially with the weather like it is.

The project’s problems with cranes continued most of last night, but we seem to have overcome those problems today. Work was continuing, and we were looking at ways to possibly make up some of the time on tasks that we fell behind on earlier this week. There are a lot of talented people here, and I think we’ll be able to gain some time on the schedule.

It seemed as though I was out and about a lot today. From one unit to the other several times, with side trips to the equipment hatch. Some days are busier than others, and the fact that I was as busy as I was today was an indication that things were moving along better than yesterday. We were slowed down in the containment building in the middle of the day when an important lift was made, but work resumed at a good pace after that lift.

I thought we were going out to eat, but Carolyn surprised me by having supper ready when I got home. I was tired, and although I wouldn’t have fussed about going to a restaurant, I would rather eat at home. Carolyn’s a good cook, and she did her usual fine job with spaghetti. We’ll probably eat with Lori and the grandkids tomorrow night. That gives us a chance to see them after a busy week. Speaking of busy, Lori has a full time job as a science teacher in middle school, takes care of her house and family, and spends all day on Saturday taking master’s level classes in Houston. That’s busy.

Since I'm off work tomorrow, I would like to sleep a little later than normal. I get up at 0400 hours to get to work by 0500 hours. If I can stay up tonight until 2200 hours, maybe I'll sleep until 0600. That would be about eight hours of sleep. Even seven hours would be better than what I usually get. Wow, that's a lot numbers. I'm getting sleepy looking at them. Regardless of how long I sleep, I plan to meditate tomorrow. That should help the lack of sleep during the week.

More later, be safe.

Today’s Town – Atlanta, Georgia: The Big Peach

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crane Problems

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 80 degrees, high 92 degrees, partly cloudy skies

The weather forecast for the next few days shows the weather cooling off, with clear skies. It's going to be welcomed, especially with the warm temperatures we've had this week.

The problems with cranes that we thought were solved reared their ugly heads again last night and today. I have never seen an outage that had as many problems with cranes not operating properly as this one. We're due for things to go right, and I'm past being ready. It would be nice to go to work tomorrow and see all the cranes operating properly.

We received our mail today for the first time in about three weeks. Going through it, I looked for any bills that might have come in that we need to take care of right away. Guess what? No bills, so I guess the way we have all of that set up is working. Monthly bills are paid with an automatic bank debit, which means we don't have to worry about late charges or past due stuff. When we first started this life style, it was difficult to keep everything paid on time. Over time, we figured out how to pay everything using bank debits. It helps that the only things we have to pay are things like credit bill charges (which we pay in full every month), Dish Network, and a couple of other little things like that. I can only imagine how hard it was for RVers in the early days of the life style to take care of those things.

More later, be safe.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thick Fog

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 76 degrees, high 94 degrees, partly cloudy skies, high humidity, heat index of 104 degrees

I drove to work in a thick fog this morning. No, not a fog in my head, but the weather type of fog, with visibility limited to a few hundred feet. At that time of the morning, there is not much traffic, but I have to be watching for deer and wild hogs. A deer can cause a lot of damage to a car, but a wild hog can cause even more. In addition, there are a lot of cattle in pastures along the route. Several accidents have been caused by cows getting on the road and being hit by cars. When I drive to work in the morning, I’m continually watching for animals on the road or standing in the grass. Hitting one of them would not be a good way to start the day.

Our project at work is moving along, but we’ve hit a couple of delays associated with a crane not functioning as it should. At this time, we’re about 48 hours behind schedule. We’re working on the crane to get it repaired and operating as it should. We have an outstanding scheduler here who can work magic with a schedule, but this may be more than he can fix. Personally, I hope we get the issues straightened out so the outage can be completed on time. Carolyn and I have places to go and things to do.

It looks like the health care stuff is moving through Congress. Why is it that I'm skeptical of the claims that this wholesale fix of the health care system is going to be better for everyone? If that's so, why did Congress exempt themselves from the planned changes? Let us have the same coverage at the same cost as Congress and I'll be the first to sign up for it. Until then, spare me all the rhetoric about how this is good for us.

More later, be safe.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Turn Off The Rain

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 70 degrees, high 88 degrees, cloudy with showers until the afternoon, then clear skies

The rain came down in a deluge this morning as clouds moved in from the Gulf of Mexico. It rained so hard that work was stopped outside as a precaution. I have discovered one thing about rain making. It seems fairly easy for me to call the rain down, and all it takes is for me to wash or wax the truck or RV. What I haven’t been able to master is how to turn the rain off. Maybe I should wait on offering my rain making services to dry areas until I learn how to turn it off.

My walk from where I park at work in to my office takes 10 to 15 minutes. Before the outage started, I picked up a raincoat to keep in the truck in the event it was raining when I arrived at work. Even though it has been raining a lot, so far I haven't had to use to use a raincoat to keep from getting wet. By the way, I also have a raincoat in my office, so I'm prepared no matter where the rain starts.

A key piece of equipment is not performing as planned on our project, which means we are working around it until we can get it repaired. Hopefully, we can get the equipment going tonight. That’s a little set back on our schedule, but we may be able to make up for it later on. The other work, which involves moving fuel and performing inspections, is going well, and that work has gained some time on their schedule.

Am I the only person in America who doesn't use text messaging in this day and time?
I see people just about everywhere I go using their thumbs to do strange things on their cell phones. Are we raising a generation of people who will have an ailment with their thumbs caused by abusing their thumbs with text messaging? Not long ago, I saw a lady driving erratically down the road. When I passed her, she was using one cell phone to talk on and another to text, both at the same time. That doesn't seem safe. In fact, to me it seems dumb.

More later, be safe.

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Monday, October 12, 2009


Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 64 degrees, high 89 degrees, cloudy, showers

It was a busy day at work, with a lot of progress made on our reactor head replacement activities. Several components were removed from the old reactor head and moved outside the containment building for temporary storage. When the new reactor head is moved in, we’ll move those components back inside and install them on the new head. At the same time we’re working on the old head, fuel is being moved out of the reactor to the fuel handling building for replacement and testing. As far as where we are in the overall schedule, I would say we’re about two days behind, but there are several opportunities to make up time later on.

We went to bed a little earlier last night, and as far as I'm concerned, I didn't get any more sleep. Awake at 0130, 0230, 0330, and finally up at 0400 to get ready for the day. Our train we use to set the clock passed through at 0330, blowing it's horn to let us know what time it was. I don't know about Carolyn, but I'm not going to miss the trains when we leave here.

I don't know if other people have a problem remembering things like I do, but I find the best way to remember what I need to do is make lists. The more important something is, the less likely I will forget it. It's the little things that I have to write down in a list. Like clean the basement up, check the water in the batteries, clean out the vacuum cleaner, and on and on. Carolyn will get agitated with me if she thinks I'm starting to get too focused on getting things done. Isn't that what lists are for? However, I understand her attitude about it, and even she has to use a list now and then. Gasp!! Are we both getting older and more forgetful?

More later, be safe.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Back To Work

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 64 degrees, high 67 degrees, cloudy, sprinkles late in the afternoon, breezy

Today was my first day back at work after a day of rest. The time off was enjoyed, and now it was back to the outage. The weather continued to be cool, and I didn't hear anyone complaining about it.

I stayed up a little later than I intended last night because I couldn't tear myself away from watching the Florida and LSU football game. It was a game between the number 1 and number 4 teams, and Florida played well, wining 13 to 3. There was no doubt that Florida was the better team. Tim Tebow, their quarterback that suffered a concussion two weeks ago, played the entire game and showed no ill effects from the injury.

Last night, the old reactor vessel head was moved to the head stand area in containment so work could begin on removing components that will be used on the new reactor head. Today was spent setting up the work area so the component removal work can begin, and the old head made ready to move out of the containment building. That should happen in about a week.

Our daughter Lori, who lives here in Bay City, suffered a fractured nose today when a container fell off a shelf at home and hit her. Obviously, it was very painful, and a lot of blood was involved. The emergency room folks told her there was nothing that could be done, and that she would have bruises for about six weeks. Ouch!!

I think I'll try to get in the bed a little earlier tonight.

More later, be safe.

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Day Of Chores And Rest

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 56 degrees, high 67 degrees, cloudy skies, breezy

I was off work today, and I used the time off to take care of some chores at home. First order of business was to go get some pigs in a blanket for breakfast. On the way out of the RV park, I noticed that the automatic gate the park put in operation a couple of days ago appears to have been adjusted so I didn't have to drive as close to it in order to get it to open. Shipley's Donuts in Bay City also makes great apple fritters, so I bought one of those for later in the day. After breakfast, I gathered up all the garbage and took it to the garbage container.

It was time to dump the holding tanks, so that was the next chore to take care of. Carolyn doesn't like to have the shower tank fill up while she's taking a shower. Not that I leave the shower tank valve closed. I closed it earlier in the week so I would have enough water to flush the sewer hose when I dumped the black water tank today.

The plastic grill that holds the air conditioner filter in place had a broken tab that required us to tape one side of it. We used some super duper wonder glue to put the tab back on. I don't know if the tab will hold after that repair, but at least we'll know we tried to repair it if if doesn't. If we have to, we'll order a new grill.

I went over to the WalMart Mall to pick up a few things we needed there, as well as bought diesel for the truck. Then Carolyn went with me to HEB to buy what she wanted there. The rest of the afternoon was spent resting, watching golf and football on television, and meditating. We went to Victoria's Restaurant for supper with Lori and the grandkids, and then it was back home to watch Florida play LSU in college football. The big deal in this game is that both of them are undefeated, but it is unknown if Florida's quarterback, Tim Tebow will be allowed to play after suffering a concussion two weeks ago. I would like to watch all of the game, but may be unable to because I have to leave for work at 0415 hours in the morning.

More later, be safe.

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Cooler Weather - Ahhhhh

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 63 degrees, high 87 degrees, windy, cloudy, showers

The low temperature for the day occurred this evening, not this morning as it usually does. When I left home at 0410 hours, it was 83 degrees. About 0900 hours, the temperature had increased to 87 degrees, and then the wind changed direction from the south to the northwest in a matter of minutes. The temperature began dropping as the rain started hitting us, and 30 minutes later, was down by 20 degrees. The lower temperature is a nice change that's not going to last. We'll enjoy it while we can.

Today was busy at work, and I enjoyed the faster pace. Have you ever noticed how time drags when you're not busy? I would rather be busier, with things moving along at a controlled pace where everyone has their activities planned and follows their plan. Early in the outage, we have been hampered a little because of the workers that are inexperienced in working in this type of environment. After nine days of outage, the new people are getting valuable experience and gaining confidence in their abilities. This industry's long range future indicates that it will be growing, and we need new people to help it grow. In addition, there are many of the oldtimers of the industry starting to retire or will retire in the next few years. Now that I think about it, I guess I would be classified as an oldtimer. Hmmmm. I guess the lack of experienced people is one of the reasons I keep getting offers of work.

When I arrived home this evening, Carolyn had all the windows open, enjoying the cooler air. The biggest negative to having the windows open is that the trains are even louder. I think I'll wait until she goes to sleep and close the windows.

I'm off work tomorrow, and I'm tired enough that I'm looking forward to it. It would be nice to sleep until daylight. Or at least until 0600 hours.

More later, be safe.

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blowing Hard

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 84 degrees, high 91 degrees, partly cloudy skies, wind gusts to 49 mph, sustained winds up to 40 mph

Hang on! The wind is blowing so hard it will push you along or hold you up, depending on which direction you’re walking. We had to stop operating the cranes at work because the wind was blowing so hard. Did you notice the low temperature for the day? That was at 0430 hours this morning. Think about what a wet blanket would feel like wrapped around the body. That’s what if felt like when I left home this morning. Yuck!

The outage at work continues along in good shape. Depending on a person’s part in the outage, we’re either a little ahead of schedule, or a little behind. Whatever the status of the schedule is, as long as we complete the outage safely, it will be successful.

The RV park where we are staying recently installed a security gate and made it operational last night. When leaving the park, the gate opens when it senses a vehicle pulling up. This morning was the first time I had to use the gate, and for a minute I thought it wasn’t going to work. By the time the gate finally started opening, I was almost touching it with the front bumper of the truck. I would have been ticked off if I couldn’t get out the first day the gate was made operational. I’m a little leery of the gate, and will be until I see it operate for awhile.

Carolyn's vertigo seems to have a stranglehold on her this week. She was so sick this evening I had to cook supper. Of course, that's as easy as stopping at a local restaurant and picking something up. On top of that, clean up was easy.

Tomorrow is my sixth day of work in a row. I'm supposed to be off Saturday, and it can't happen too fast. I'm getting tired, and I'm ready to spend a day with Carolyn, relaxing and watching college football.

More later, be safe.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Vertigo

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 82 degrees, high 92 degrees, heavy rain in the morning, partly cloudy skies in the afternoon

The main focus at work is getting everything ready to start refueling the reactor. That process involves removing the reactor head from the reactor vessel, moving the fuel in the reactor to the spent fuel pool, performing inspections of the fuel, then placing fuel back in the reactor, and putting the reactor head back on the reactor vessel. Of course, it’s not that simple, but those are the major steps. While all of that’s going on, the project to replace the reactor head, which I am part of, will be performing their activities. In about two weeks or less, everything will start being put back together. It’s amazing the amount of work and activities that go into an outage like this.

Carolyn suffers from time to time with her vertigo, and she is having problems with it now. She has been performing the exercises that were prescribed to help control the vertigo, but this relapse seems a little worse than normal. Folks, thank your lucky stars if you’ve never had a problem with vertigo. It almost incapacitates Carolyn, and the only reason she can keep going is because she refuses to give up. Can you imagine feeling dizzy and halfway sick to your stomach most of the time? She cherishes each day that the symptoms are not present.

Carolyn has noticed that her vertigo seems to be worse when a change in the weather is coming. If a storm front is approaching with lower barometric pressure and higher humidity, she feels worse. When the barometric pressure is higher and steady, with lower humidity, she feels better. We are considering spending some time in a more arid climate to see if that helps her. If it does, we’ll make future plans based on that. That doesn’t mean we’re ready to buy a house.

Having said what I have about Carolyn's problems with her balance, it is amazing how she keeps plugging away, trying to maintain a semblance of a normal life. She's my heroine.

More later, be safe.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meetings On Top Of Meetings

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 81 degrees, high 91 degrees, partly cloudy skies, humid

The primary government agency for regulation of nuclear power plants is the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. They are responsible for enforcing laws and regulations that apply to the industry. One of the ways they maintain their oversight is with on-site inspectors that are stationed there on a full time basis. Another way they perform oversight is by sending personnel with specialized training and experience to plants that are in outage such as this plant is to observe activities and review documentation to ensure the regulations are being followed. I met with one of the radiation protection inspectors this morning to review our planning efforts for radiation protection for the current outage. This morning’s meeting didn’t take long, as I had a lot of documentation and paperwork ready for him to review. He took the documents with him, and we’ll see if he has any questions later on.

The number of meetings I attend in a day varies, but today was a busy one as far as meetings. My first meeting started at 0530 hours, and over the course of the day I had six more meetings, with the last one occurring at 1730 hours, just before I came home. Sometimes, I wonder how I get any work done.

The homemade hamburgers we had last night were so good, we decided to have some leftover ones tonight. Ummm, boy, those onions were good. I’m glad I was at home so I could eat them.

I had my days mixed up yesterday, thinking that it was Tuesday. These long hours will do that to you. Now that Carolyn has straightened me out, we watched NCIS tonight. As I’ve said before, there are not many television shows I care to watch, but I do like NCIS and CSI.

Speaking of getting my days mixed up, I never have that problem when not working. Someone asked me what retirement was like, and I said every day was like Saturday. So there you go. Everyday is Saturday. No mix up or forgetting.

More later, be safe.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

What Day Is It?

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 80 degrees, high 91 degrees, clear skies

Notice how warm the weather remains here on the gulf coast of Texas? We also have the humidity to go with the warm temperatures, and it still affects the heat index. I guess it’s better than snow, but some cooler weather would be welcomed. The nuclear plant I’m working at has an air conditioned containment building, which is rare. As a result of the air conditioning, working conditions are much more pleasant. Even when the reactor is operating and the plant is producing electricity, it’s cool in containment. Most of the nuclear plants in the industry are not air conditioned. When people come here for the first time, they are amazed at the comfortable working conditions.

The pace is picking up at work, and that’s a good thing, as Martha likes to say. I like a fast pace at work because the activities seem to get into a flow that keeps people alert and paying attention to their jobs. On the other hand, when I’m not working, I like a slow pace with plenty of time for meditation.

Carolyn prepared home made hamburgers with all the trimmings, including baked beans and chips for supper. One reason I like to have hamburgers at home is because I can load up the onions and not worry about what my breath smells like. Not that I don't care whether my breath smells like onion to Carolyn, but because I can brush my teeth and rinse with mouth wash after eating. Anyway, the onions were the perfect touch to a very good hamburger. In fact, it was better than any hamburger we can get in a restaurant. Did you hear that, Carolyn?

When I got home tonight, I thought it was Tuesday. Working long hours like this job requires, I tend to lose track of what day it is. I guess the reason I thought it was Tuesday was because I worked yesterday after being off on Saturday. So today is my second day at work this week, which should equate to Tuesday, right?

More later, be safe.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Pressure Is Off

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 76 degrees, high 81 degrees, cloudy with showers

It was back to work this morning, with the alarm clock seeming to go off as soon as I closed my eyes. Carolyn was sleeping so well, I was able to get ready for work and leave without waking her up. I called her about 0700 hours to see if she was okay, and she said the extra sleep helped a lot. In about five weeks, I should be able to sleep in again. Of course, by then I will be so conditioned to waking at 0400 hours that I’ll have problems sleeping after that. I’ll adjust with time.

This was a slow day at work because of a test being performed on the containment building. The building has to be tested every ten years to ensure it will remain leak tight. This test is performed by increasing atmospheric pressure inside the building to about 42 psi, and holding at that pressure for a period of time to ensure the building won’t leak. When I left work today, the test had been completed and the pressure was being removed. The night shift should be busy.

On television tonight was a show about people who are hoarders. In other words, they tend to not get rid of anything. Some of the hoarders had little pathways through the mountains of things in each room. I don't think these folks would do well as RVers, with the limited space available. In addition, as RVers we need to keep our weights within the rated capacity of our RVs and tow vehicles. Usually, the only way people who have this disorder get better is with the help of trained professionals, such as psychiatrists. Could it be that if the RVing bug bit them that they could give up the things that mean so much to them?

More later, be safe.

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day Of Rest

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 72 degrees, high 81 degrees, mostly cloudy skies

Today was a day of rest for me, and I took full advantage of it. Even though I woke early (0530 hours), it was later than the last week. Usually, I like to take a morning walk if I'm not working, but I was tired today and decided to skip it.

I decided I was going to prepare breakfast, so off I went to Shipley's Donuts for some pigs in a blanket. Carolyn's right, I am a good cook. Just think how well I can do when I'm not tired. After breakfast, I did a little reading, surfed the web for a few minutes, and watched a little television. All of that activity made me sleepy, so I decided to meditate for a few minutes. Meditation is so refreshing, and it hit the spot today.

Early in the afternoon, we went to the WalMart Mall to pick up a few groceries. While we were there, I had to buy some more reading glasses for use at work. For some reason, I have broken two pairs at work this week. I need the glasses to make up for my arms getting shorter. As I get older, I can't seem to get written material far enough away from my eyes so I can read it.

We went to K-2 for supper with Lori and the grandkids. John was working and couldn't make it, but we'll get together with him when the outage is over. The food was good, and we enjoyed seeing everyone. The long hours at work don't leave much time for visiting, especially with Lori and her family being so busy with work and school.

Carolyn talked to Terri today, and it seems that even though she has a break in her ankle, it is a hairline fracture. What is worse is that the opposite side of the ankle is sprained, which is what's causing most of her pain, and will take the longest to heal. She's on crutches, which hampers her mobility. It appears, though that she has learned how to take a shower and not flood the bathroom.

Well, back to the grind tomorrow.

More later, be safe.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

My Industry

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 67 degrees, high 86 degrees, heavy rain early, then clear skies

When I went to work this morning at 0430 hours, the temperature was 81 degrees, and it was humid. About 0600 hours, a line of thunderstorms passed through the area with heavy rain and high winds. By the time the storm had gone through about two hours later, the temperature had dropped to 67 degrees, which felt much better. Maybe we'll start seeing some cooler weather.

Many people may be wondering what kind of facility I’m writing about when I mention what’s going on at work. I have hesitated to state what it is because some people may take offense to the power source. Now that the reader’s interest may be aroused, I want to say that I’m currently working at a nuclear power plant that is composed of two units that each generates about 1350 megawatts of electricity, for a total of about 2700 megawatts. Imagine that, one facility with the capability to generate enough electricity to serve approximately 3 million people. That’s amazing to me.

I have been working in this industry for a long time, and it has been the most satisfying work I have ever done. That’s why it has been difficult for me to walk away from work completely. It’s even harder to walk away when I keep getting offers to do things that are interesting and working with people who are as good to work with as this industry has. Besides that, the pay is good. I considered doing some work camping in exchange for our lot rent, but the economics did not make sense compared to doing something I like to do such as this business.

In the early years of my career, I was hesitant to tell people what I did because there was so much misinformation and hostility about it. As the years have passed, more and more people have come to realize that nuclear power is not the bad thing they thought it was. There is more of a realization that the country will need these plants that can produce so much electricity without emitting green house gases. I'm not a believer in global warming, but I do believe we need to take care of our environment. There are people who believe that we can take care of our energy needs by building wind mills, installing solar panels, building efficiency into our buildings, and a myriad of other ideas. I say go for all of these things, but none of them will produce as much electricity as the 105 nuclear power plants now in operation in this country. Those plants produce about 20% of the country's electricity, with none of the power being supplied by another country. In other words, nuclear contributes to energy independence. Another big plus for this industry: the jobs can't be exported to another country.

So, there you have it. That's the industry I have worked in for a long time, and I don't know if I'll work anymore after this project. I do know this: I've enjoyed being back.

More later, be safe.

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

What Train?

Bay City, Texas

Weather: low 67 degrees, high 86 degrees, mostly clear skies

It’s amazing how time and familiarity gets a person used to just about anything. Case in point: when I first arrived here, I had a lot of trouble sleeping because of the trains that pass within about 50 feet of the RV. Within about two weeks, I was only noticing the trains when a particularly obnoxious train engineer would seem to blow his horn as though he was ticked off at everyone for sleeping when he was working. Now, after being on the longer hours at work, I don’t hear the trains or anything else. A tornado could blow through and I wouldn't hear it.

Today was the first full day of the shut down at work, and everything seems to be going according to schedule. The first three days will be a little slow, and then it'll be busy for about 12 days. The remaining 20 days or so will be busy, but without the stress that the early days of the shut down brings.

When I got home from work this evening, we went to the local DQ for a hamburger and fries. Their hamburger is not the best one we have ever had, but it's the best in this area. It'll do until we leave here.

Tonight is one of the best nights for watching television for us. We usually watch Survivor and CSI, as long as they are not repeats. I don't know if I'll be able to watch all of CSI. I'm starting to get a little tired and sleepy. One more day, and then I'm off on Saturday.

More later, be safe.

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