Sunday, October 31, 2010

Covered Bridge

Elkmont, Alabama

Weather: low 36 degrees, high 72 degrees, early frost, clear skies

The temperature didn't get quite as cold last night, but it was still cold enough for frost. It was also cold enough to make for good sleeping. We love this weather!

We got up a little later than normal, but that was fine, since we were still tired from all our adventures over the last few days. By the I had some breakfast and Carolyn had her usual leisurely coffee, it was almost 0930 hours. About that time, I decided to take another walk on the walking path that I walked on yesterday. This time, I decided to go south toward Elkmont. Here's what the trail looks like going south.

As I was walking today, the trail reminded me of the Natchez Trace Parkway. Woods on each side, limited access, quiet, beautiful.

As I wrote yesterday, the route for the trail follows an old railroad bed. All of the railroad stuff was removed, and then the state built the trail. There is even a covered bridge across a creek on the trail. The railroad had a bridge across the creek, which they removed. The state used some of the original stonework for the covered bridge they put in.

Some of the original stonework can be seen in this next picture.

By the time I got back home, I had walked a little more than three miles. It's not a hard walk, but seems to take longer than normal because the route is so scenic, and I spend some time looking.

After lunch, we decided to take another trip up the road a few miles to Ardmore. We wanted to do some more exploring, and get to know that area a little better. By the time we left there, I think we must have gone up and down every street in the town, as well as some of the roads outside town. this is a nice area that we will be looking at some more.

By the time we got home, we were ready to stay at home for the rest of the day. I extended our stay here, and may do it again. That's how much we like it here.

More later, be safe.

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ardmore, Alabama/Tennessee

Elkmont, Alabama

Weather: low 30 degrees, high 62 degrees, clear skies

Brrrr! It was cold when we got up this morning. We saw the first frost for the fall for us. Even colder weather is expected here about the middle of next week.

Once the weather warmed up a little, we decided to take a ride up to Ardmore. This little town spreads across the state line between Alabama and Tennessee, and is located in a beautiful rural area. The town has a population of about 3000 people, and seems to have a little growth going on. We drove around town, checking out what all was there. It looks like a town that would be good for raising a family.

When we left Ardmore, we headed northwest to Elkton, an even smaller town in Tennessee. There's not much in Elkton, so we didn't look around much while we were there.

The countryside around these little towns is mostly farming country, with rolling hills, pasture, and a few houses scattered around. With the fall colors, it was a nice ride.

By the time we left Elkton, both of us were getting a little tired. We have been busy the last few days, so we decided to go home for the rest of the day. Besides, I wanted to make sure I was home to watch the Florida versus Georgia college football game. More on that later.

Once we got home, I rested for about an hour. I still had some time before the football game started, so I decided to take a walk on the walking path that runs outside the RV park. This is one of the nicest walking paths that I have used. It starts in Elkmont, and used to go all the way to Pulaski, Tennessee, which was about 25 miles. Over time, the path has been trimmed back in length because of landowners' concerns. At this time, it is about ten miles long. At one time, the route was used as a railroad bed. When the railroad abandoned the roadway, the state built the walking path. Here's what it looks like.

The path is composed of crushed rock, and winds through the countryside and woods. Very nice. I did about three miles on it, and it was basically level and smooth.

By the time I returned home, it was almost time for the football game to start. Florida has been suffering through a three game losing streak, while Georgia had won their last three games. The score went back and forth with Georgia making a big push in the second half to tie the game in regulation play, 31 to 31. Florida kicked a field goal in overtime to win the game 34 to 31. Both teams played well, and it was one of those games where both teams deserved to win.

While I was watching the football game, Carolyn prepared spaghetti for supper. Good stuff!

More later, be safe.

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Friday, October 29, 2010


Elkmont, Alabama

Weather: low 36 degrees, high 63 degrees, clear skies

We had another great weather day, which seems to have been the norm since we left Florida. The weather folks are forecasting a low of 32 degrees on Saturday morning. Carolyn likes cold weather, so she is ecstatic. I like cool weather, but not the cold so much. Oh, well. If it makes her happy.......

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we lived here for five years back in the 1980s. At one time, we thought we would retire here, but as is the case many times, we were fortunate enough to be offered a job with much more opportunity in Texas. Prior to leaving Alabama, we had built a new home that we thought would be the last one for us. We went by that house today, and it still looks good to us.

While we were out, we were impressed by the amount of fall color that we saw. It's not as plentiful as what we saw in Tennessee, but it's not anything to put down.

We're always on the watch for neat old cars. Check this one out.

We visited with my sister Judy and her husband Roger today, and it was great seeing them again. Roger is older than me, which I never get tired of telling him. He has been fighting cancer for several years, so he's been through quite a bit. But, he is older than me. By the way, Judy is younger than me. Here's a picture of the handsome couple.

After our visit with Judy and Roger, we made plans to meet for supper at a local restaurant. We came home to rest after another short jaunt down memory lane. About a half hour before we were going to leave for supper, we got a call from Roger letting us know that Judy was a little under the weather, and they wouldn't be able to go out. We're sorry she was sick, but we'll make up for it another time.

More later, be safe.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moving Day

Elkmont, Alabama

Weather: low 65 degrees in Heiskell, Tennessee, high 70 degrees in Elkmont, Alabama, clear skies

When we got up this morning, we were undecided as to whether we would leave Heiskell or not. As the morning went on and we heard people hooking up and leaving, the hitch itch bug got to us. By 0930 hours, we were pulling out of the SKP's Raccoon Valley RV Park.

Our route was also decided this morning. When looking at the routes that would get us to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, we saw that we could go west on I-40, which was toward Nashville. We saw that we wouldn't have to go all the way to Nashville, but could take I-840 west of Nashville, which would get us over to I-65, and a direct route into north Alabama. That route would also give us a chance to stop in Athens, Alabama to visit my sister Judy and her husband Roger.

Normally, we wouldn't want to take the interstate highways. However, we felt traffic would be fairly light once we got away from Knoxville, and it was. In addition, we had been as far west as Cookeville on that highway, so we would have a chance to see the lay of the land west of Cookeville, even if it was on the interstate.

Since we hadn't decided to leave by bed time last night, I hadn't bought fuel. We had enough to get to Crossville, so we stopped there at the Pilot truck stop. The regular fuel islands were too small for us to pull the RV into, so we had to get into line with the big trucks to buy diesel. While we were there, we picked up some sandwiches for lunch, which we ate while rolling down the road.

As I said, we hadn't been past Cookeville, so everything after there was new for us. I have to say we enjoyed the trip, seeing new countryside that's a little different from the land around Knoxville. The countryside we were in today was more rolling than anything, which we seemed to like better. We saw different types of trees than what we saw in Knoxville and that area, but the leaf changes were not as numerous. Many of the leaves had already fallen. Still, it was a nice drive, and we're glad we went that way.

Eventually, we made it to Elkmont, Alabama, where we decided to stay a few days at Mill Creek RV Park, a Passport America park. The park is a little remote, but has several pluses that makes it work for us. Quiet, big spaces, excellent wifi service, and we can get a pretty good television signal with either the roof top antenna or satellite dish. And, they have a great area for walking. What more could we ask for?

By the time we were set up and settled in, it was getting too late to go see Judy and Roger. We'll see them tomorrow, along with doing some other stuff we have in mind. We lived in this area for five years back in the 1980s, and always enjoy coming back.

More later, be safe.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rain, No Wind

Heiskell, Texas

Weather: low 64 degrees, high 72 degrees, mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies, rain early

The threatened rain came in last night, and it rained hard at times. Fortunately, the winds that the forecasters had been talking about all day yesterday failed to show up, so it was a peaceful night. There was probably a couple of inches of rain, but that's fine. We don't like the wind.

The rain continued until about 0900 hours this morning, and threatened more until about 1100 hours. Eventually, it looked like things were getting better, so I took the clothes to the laundry and got something productive completed by washing four loads of clothes. You would think we wouldn't have that many clothes to wash in a little more than a week, but I also had to do some bedding. The laundry here at the campground has good machines at a reasonable price, so if it is available (not covered up with people), I try to use it.

I think by now that everyone knows Carolyn suffers from vertigo that can strike at the worse times, so I tend to be the one that washes the laundry. That doesn't mean Carolyn gets a free ride, because believe me, she would rather do it herself. However, we have learned certain things we can do to accommodate her vertigo problem, and this laundry thing is one of them. Besides, I don't mind doing it.

While I was at the laundry, Carolyn was doing some house cleaning that she does when I'm not under foot. It's was what she calls her deep cleaning, so it's probably best that I'm not around when she's doing that.

By the time we were finished with our individual chores, it was lunch time, which consisted of leftovers from Cheddar's, the great restaurant we went to last night. Have I said lately that I like leftovers?

After lunch, talked a little about when we're leaving here. Eventually, we need to work our way southwest to Texas so we can see doctors and dentists for our checkups. So, decisions need to be made on that.

Carolyn spent some time catching up her genealogy stuff while I was taking care of some meditation. Later on, I had to go to the WalMart Mall for a couple of things, which got me out of the RV while she was preparing supper. I got home just as everything was ready to sit down and eat. Carolyn says I have a finely tuned sense of when it's time to eat.

Oh, one more thing before I close: the winds that were threatened didn't hit us, so there are still a lot of leaves on the trees. Maybe we'll get out for some more leaf peeping before we leave.

More later, be safe.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: low 65 degrees, high 82 degrees, cloudy, windy, light showers

All day, we have been hearing about bad weather coming toward us. In the forecast are high winds, heavy rain, and everything that goes with the event. We've been waiting for it, but so far, it's a non-event. Could it be that the local forecasters take every opportunity to up the viewership of their television shows? It reminds me a little bit of the idiots we see that go to the worse weather they can find in a hurricane and stand out in the wind and rain reporting. I'm not saying that bad weather won't hit here, but if it doesn't, the credibility of the forecasters will take a hit.

If the wind does blow like they say it will, there won't be any leaves left on the trees. Our next door neighbors were up in the Smoky Mountains Park yesterday, and they said there were no leaves left on the trees above 3000 feet.

It was time to have the transmission serviced on the truck, so I spent some time trying to remember where I had it done up here last year. I was pleased with the work the garage did last year, but couldn't remember the name of the garage. I had a general idea of where it was located, but not how to get there. Does that make any sense??

Eventually, I figured out which garage I used, and called to see when they could do the work. The manager told me to come on in and they would take care of the job. The fluid and filters were changed, and a good checkup of the transmission was performed. Scott, the manager of Alert Transmission, told me everything looked good. I'm glad that little task is finished. Our truck has 150,000 miles on it, and runs like a new one. There's no doubt that the regular maintenance we have performed is helping it continue to run well.

We met my brother Terrell and his wife Kathy, and their friend Judy, who is visiting from Florida, for supper. We don't know much about eating places in the area, so they suggested Cheddar's, a nice place in Alcoa. Wow, what good food. And it was priced right, too. When the food was served, I thought for a minute that I was back in Texas. Heaping plates of food, delicious bread, and great salads. There was so much food that we brought home almost all of Carolyn's, and what was left on my plate filled a large carryout box. That's food the way I like it: plentiful, good tasting, and cheap. To top it off, the company was outstanding.

Terrell and Kathy have to go back to Texas on Saturday, as Kathy gets ready to undergo hip replacement surgery next week. She has been fighting cancer, and now this comes up. Tough lady, and we wish her all the best. We expect to see them next month when we're in Bay City.

More later, be safe.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Carolyn Feels Better

Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: low 58 degrees, high 68, mostly cloudy skies, occasional light showers after daylight

About 0400 hours this morning, heavy rain hit the RV park, lasting until about 0800 hours. Mixed in with the rain was a little hail, lightning, and thunder. After the main weather event was over, we had intermittent light showers off and on the rest of the day.

The weather impacted what we could do outside, but Carolyn had recovered somewhat from her latest bout with vertigo, so we decided to get out and at least make an attempt at doing something. We drove south on the interstate to the second exit down and browsed through a book store for an hour or so. Carolyn found a couple of things she has been looking for, while I found nothing that really caught my interest. It's a little hard for me to take a store seriously that advertises they sell used books, but the prices are almost as high as new books.

When we left the book store, we walked next door to a thrift store, continuing to look for some used books that might be of use to us. I didn't find anything, but Carolyn found another book, so it wasn't a waste of time.

By the the time we left the second store, it was time to start thinking about lunch. We don't know that area, but happened to see a Chili's sign, so we stopped there. I'm not usually a fan of Chili's, being able to take it or leave it. But, Carolyn likes the place, so it was good enough for me.

We very seldom get any appetizers, but broke down today and ordered the nachos. I was expecting something similar to what you can get in Texas: a plate of tortilla chips, smothered with cheese, beans, pico de gallo, jalapeno peppers, etc. Well, what we got today was not even close to what I expected. A plate was brought out with eight pieces of a tortilla, a little cheese, a small amount of pico de gallo, and some sour cream, with a few pieces of jalapeno pepper. Underwhelming, to say the least. But, the hamburger was very good. So the meal wasn't a complete bust. At least Carolyn enjoyed herself, and that makes me happy.

When lunch was finished, we took a short ride to enjoy the fall colors that seem to have exploded in the area over the last two days. Carolyn enjoys leaf peeping about as much as any sightseeing we do.

By the time we got back home, Carolyn was starting to feel the vertigo coming back, so it was a good thing that we stopped. Later in the afternoon, we drove up to Clinton and on over to Norris, where we went to the Monday farmer's market. By the time we left there, we had bought yellow squash, butter lettuce, radishes, and tomatoes. Looking forward to some good eating.

More later, be safe.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hard Hike

Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: low 45 degrees, high 75 degrees, partly to mostly cloudy skies

Can you believe I slept until almost 0800 hours this morning? I know that's probably not exciting news to the readers, but I have been trying to change my sleep habits for a long time. Maybe I've finally succeeded.

Carolyn's vertigo continued to give her problems today. She has found that about the only thing that helps when she's having these problems is just what she's doing: staying inside and taking it easy so her brain and eyes are not exposed to all the motion and colors in the outside world.

We have talked a little about whether we need to settle in one place in order to accommodate the vertigo. So far, Carolyn is resisting settling down because she (as well as me) loves to travel so much. Hopefully, she will feel better in a day or two.

After lunch, I took a little walk on the RV park's walking path, which leads up and around the high hill behind the park. Some people would call it a hill, while others might call it a mountain. When I started, I had no idea how difficult the trail was. By the end of my trek, I was wore out, having to stop several times to rest while climbing the hill. It's a steep hill, with rocks and roots, as well as fallen leaves on the path. A walker has to be aware of what's under his feet, since a misstep could send you rolling down the hill.

Here's the start of the path. Looks easy, doesn't it?

It's fall time, with winter not far behind, but we still see flowers from time to time.

The leaf changes are plentiful on the hill, including this shot about half way up.

I saw a tree that had blown down and uprooted a big rock that was tangled in it's roots.

One more picture that shows some fall color on the hill.

Taking the walk on the hill kicked my butt, and meditation called when I got home.

I had to drive down to the next exit on I-75, and noticed that over the last two days, the hills have become much more colorful. If Carolyn feels better tomorrow, we'll get out and about.

Has anyone noticed the uproar that is going on in France over raising the retirement age? It seems that the government wants to raise the retirement age in order to make the retirement system more viable. Massive strikes and protests have been raging for at least a week. That's quite a contrast in retirement ages between the French and the US, where we can retire at a reduced benefit at 62. Don't you feel bad for the French? Poor babies......

More later, be safe.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Slow, Restful Day

Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: low 40 degrees, high 72 degrees, mostly clear skies, with clouds building near the end of the day

Remember we said we were tired yesterday? I guess we were more tired than we thought, since we didn't go anywhere today. That meant the truck got a rare day of rest, also. We lazed around most of the morning, reading, watching television, surfing the Internet....

All that hard work was after I got up a little past 0700 hours. I think I'm finally getting a handle on being able to sleep a little later. The nice weather we're having up here is probably helping my sleep. It's nice to be able to snuggle into the covers.

After we ate lunch, I decided to try to do something that was a little more productive by cleaning up the outside of the RV. About half way through the job, I met the nice couple staying in the RV next to us. They are Pat and Ronnie, fulltime RVers originally from Texas, but now calling South Dakota their home. He retired from Continental Airlines back in 2001 and never looked back. Some people seem to find it easier to retire than others.

Pat and Ronnie had a nice motor home that suffered a broken frame. Their manufacturer and dealer were both out of business, but their insurance stepped up and totaled the RV, which was in their best interest. Their replacement RV is a Heartland product, like ours is, but the similarity stops there. Their RV is 42 feet long, with a toy hauler. Ours is 36 feet long, just right for us. Ronnie said he is looking at getting a smaller RV because he has problems finding a place to park a 42 foot RV.

Pat and Ronnie say they will probably retire from the road someday, but they hope that day is far off. They have their eye on possibly retiring from the road in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We've been there before, and like the area, too. I wonder what the winters would be like there?

Eventually, I finished washing the RV, so I got something productive finished today. Of course, I could have put that job off a day or two, or a week.... After I went back inside the RV, I rested from all the activity, then decided it was time for some meditation. Now, that's one activity I know how to do.

Here's a picture we took in Maryville earlier this week.

And one more from Lenoir City.

More later, be safe.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Slower Day

Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: low 40 degrees, high 72 degrees, clear skies

Yesterday was a busy day for us, and we were wore out by the time we went to bed last night. Both of us woke a little later than normal this morning, and had no ambitions at all about getting out today. About all I did this morning was go for a walk, and even that seemed to be a little difficult to work up the energy for.

After lunch, we continued to hang out at home, until about 1400 hours when I started getting a little fidgety. I asked Carolyn if she wanted to go up to Clinton, and she was ready. Before we left, we promised each other that we wouldn't make this little outing a marathon, and would get back home well before supper. For a change, we kept to our plans, and were home by 1600 hours. That time also included a stop at The WalMart Mall in Clinton. So, it looks like we can get out without making it a marathon.

While we were out and about, we continued our search for fall colors. The colors seem to be undergoing a subtle transformation, with a touch more variety in the colors each day. Unfortunately, we were not as successful in finding good color today like we did yesterday, but, hey, we appreciate what ever we can find.

The hills are getting a little more color, with each day giving us pictures that are better. The pictures of the hills don't really give the color that we are able to see.

Sometimes, we're looking for some other component of beauty in nature, and we miss a feature that is jumping out at us. How about that blue sky? Isn't that something to see?

We did find one picture with some nice color.

Finally, one more picture we took today.

By the time we left The Mall, Carolyn was starting to show some signs of vertigo. That took care of the rest of the day. We know that when she starts having vertigo symptoms, the best thing to do is go home so she can rest her eyes and get away from all the movement and color on the roads. Hopefully, she will feel better tomorrow.

More later, be safe.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Found Fall Colors

Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: low 42 degrees, high 72 degrees, clear skies

The weather in this area has been nothing short of spectacular since we've been here. Is there a chance it will stay like this the rest of our visit? We hope so!

This morning, we decided we would make another effort to find some better fall colors than what we've seen so far. Our search took us to the west of Maryville for the most part, with one little side trip north on US 411 between Maryville and Sevierville. That little jaunt rewarded us with a couple of things that stood out. The first is this beautiful church.

Then, this beautiful picture of what we have been looking for. Check out the color.

I've written about how we like the fall decorations up here. This is another example of what we see along the road.

The preceding pictures were all taken while we were on the road between Maryville and Sevierville. We saw several other scenes that would have been great to share, but the road is narrow with a lot of traffic, so we couldn't find places to pull over safely.

When we left Maryville, we meandered down to the southwest, eventually ending up at the beautiful TVA reservoir, Fort Loudoun Lake. The lake and dam were finished in 1943, and are used for flood control and electric power production. The lake is about 50 miles long. Here's a picture of the lake near the dam, with the Smoky Mountains in the background.

We found a few more pictures near Lenoir City that were good enough to keep that showed the fall colors. Here's one that Carolyn took that showed an interesting angle.

Eventually, we made it into Lenoir City, a nice older town near Fort Loudoun Lake. By the time we got there, we were getting a little tired, so our get up and go was just about gone. After driving around the older part of town, which was the most interesting part to us, we headed back home. From our first impression of Lenoir City, it looks like a place we'd like to explore further when we're not so tired. You can bet it probably won't be in the winter, with the older part of town having some really steep streets. We can only imagine how hard it would be to drive on those streets when there's ice or snow on them.

Here's a final picture, showing the downtown area of Lenoir City.

More later, be safe.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hair Cut And Other Things

Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: light showers overnight, fog early, then clear skies

Remember when I said we came up to this area to visit family and see the fall colors? Well, the family visits have been great, but the leaf peeping has left a lot to be desired. Sure, there is some color, but it is very scattered. And, there has been some improvement over the past couple of days. Maybe we were spoiled by the spectacular displays we saw when we were in New England in 2000 and 2001. Here's what we're seeing here at this time, since I took these pictures today.

Notice how green everything still looks? I went to get a haircut this morning, and the barber said the temperatures have been a little too warm for good leaf colors. The weather is supposed to cool off in the next day or two' so maybe we'll see better colors after that.

I guess life's pretty good when the only thing I can find to complain about is the lack of color in the fall leaves. The weather has been outstanding since we've been here. It is much better than the heat and humidity we endured while in Florida for four months.

By the way, guess how short the haircut was. About six months ago, I got a short haircut because I was going to work in an outage at a nuclear power plant in Texas. I knew the hours would be long and there would be little time for haircuts. At that time, I told the barber to give me an outage haircut. He said are you sure, and I said absolutely. Little did I know that I was about to get scalped, or at least a very short haircut. I looked like a green recruit just out of the barber's chair at boot camp, which I was back in the 1960s. Carolyn was amazed that I got a cut that short, but I kind of liked it. Ever since then, I've been getting my hair cut short, but not quite as short as the first one. Today, I went retro, with less than a half inch (if that) on top. Who knows, maybe if it keeps getting thin, I may end up shaving it like many of the senior citizens I see.

Then again, maybe not. That's probably too extreme for me, and Carolyn would have a fit.

I guess the readers can tell there's not much happening with us today. Sometimes, we just need to rest instead of going out and sightseeing. Today was that kind of day.

More later, be safe.

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tellico Lake

Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: low 42 degrees, high 73 degrees, mostly clear skies

We got out and explored the area southwest of Maryville today, including all the way down to Tellico Lake. The actual term to use for the lake is reservoir, but the common usage is lake. Not that it's important as to whether it's called a lake or reservoir. Just know that this is a TVA reservoir created by damming the Little Tennessee River. The reservoir covers more than 15,000 acres, and stretches along 33 miles of the Little Tennessee River.

We didn't see a lot of the reservoir during our trip, but saw enough to know that it is an important recreational asset for the area. It also provides flood control and hydro-electric power. We saw several high-end subdivisions along the lake, with building actively being performed.

The reservoir's completion was held up for some time as conservation groups used the little snail darter fish to almost kill the project. The only reason the project wasn't killed was because Congress specifically excluded the reservoir from the provisions of the Endangered Species Act.

I got a little ahead of myself talking about the reservoir. Our tour started a few miles from Terrell and Kathy's house as we took a back road, looking for mountain views. And we found the views. We were able to see The Smoky Mountains, along with the Appalachians. Beautiful! I got some pictures but the light wasn't right, and they didn't turn out very well. Maybe the light will be better the next time we're down there.

Last week, I whined a little (okay, more than a little), about how the fall colors were disappointing. We were probably a week or so early, because the colors are starting to get better. Not outstanding yet, but a definite improvement. In another ten days or so, the colors should be at their peak.

As we were doing our little sightseeing tour, we realized that we were near Terrell's house, so we stopped by for a little while. Kathy wasn't home, since she was out with a friend from Florida who is visiting them. We visited with Terrell for about an hour. By the time the visit was over, it was time to head home, a long 35 to 40 miles away.

At lunchtime, we stopped at a Back Yard Burger store in Maryville. At one time, Back Yard Burger was probably our favorite hamburger chain. Maybe our tastes have changed, or they may have changed how they fixed their burgers, but they didn't seem quite as good as the last time we had them. They weren't bad, just not what we remember.

More later, be safe.

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Monday, October 18, 2010


Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: low 43 degrees, high 72 degrees, clear skies

We've been busier than normal for the last couple of weeks, so we decided we needed to stay home today and take care of some much needed maintenance around the RV. So, that's what we did today.

My day started a little later than normal, as I didn't get up until after 0730 hours. Carolyn was able to get up about 0700, so I heard about how I was getting lazy in my retirement. If this is lazy, I'll take it every day. As I've mentioned before, when I was working, my day usually started about 0400 hours every morning. I think I've earned a little latitude if I sleep a little late in the morning. Besides, this cool weather is really nice for sleeping.

After I ate breakfast and went for a little walk, we went to the WalMart Mall and Sam's Club to pick up a few groceries. We ate a late lunch when we got home, and I had good intentions of going outside to take care of some chores I needed to do. However, meditation called, and I thought it was more important to heed what my body was telling me.

After the meditation, I took the laundry and washed it. Carolyn was preparing supper, so I'll wash laundry any day for a good home cooked meal. By the time the laundry was finished, it was supper time, which I was ready for. Homemade vegetable soup and corn bread, yum, yum! And we have leftovers, so I'll get to enjoy it again tomorrow.

By the time supper was finished and the dishes washed, it was getting too late to do anything outside. Drat!! I guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to wash the truck and RV.

Oh, I forgot another little task we accomplished. Last week, we ordered our mail to be sent to us from our mail forwarder, so we went to the Heiskell post office to pick it up. I went through the mail and paid a couple of doctor bills related to my recent medical issues in Florida. Have you ever noticed how long the bills keep coming when you've been sick? It's been almost four months, and they keep trickling in. Is there an end to it?

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Jackson, Mississippi: City With Soul

Not all who wander are lost.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Small Family Gathering

Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: low 40 degrees, high 72 degrees, clear skies

We stayed at home until about noon, resting from our rather long trip up to Cumberland Gap yesterday. Then we took a drive down to just south of Marysville to Terrell and Kathy's house. We had been invited down for a cookout, and it was also a chance for a visit, since we hadn't seen them since they were in Florida a couple of months ago.

Before we left the RV park, I saw this little tear drop trailer, pulled by a small car. Small is nice, but this is not for a full-timer! It would be good for a trip to Alaska. Maybe?

On our way to Marysville, I saw this little red roadster. Neat!

Terrell and Kathy have a long-time friend of Kathy's, named Judy, visiting from Florida, who we hadn't seen for many years. In addition, their daughter Gina, with her husband Tim and their kids Blake and Emily were there. So it was a pretty good family gathering, which I love to take part in. Most of these folks are getting older. It's a good thing I'm not intimidated by older people.

We spent some getting reacquainted and playing ball with the kids. Have you ever thought how nice it would be to have the energy at our age that kids seem to have?

Tim cooked up some hamburgers and sausage while Terrell was getting all the trimmings ready. Gina made some queso, which we ate with some tortilla chips. Everyone was getting hungry by the time the food was ready, and we sat down to a nice meal, with everyone talking and laughing. Aren't family gatherings great?

After the meal, we sat around and continued talking, until suddenly we realized that it was getting late in the day. We told everyone good bye, and headed back to the RV. We were tired when we got home, but the visit was great. I'm sure we'll get together again soon.

By the way, the weather was glorious today. It's too bad we can't bottle this and open it when needed.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Knoxville, Tennessee: The Streaking Capital Of The World

Not all who wander are lost.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cumberland Gap

Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: low 41 degrees, high 68 degrees, clear skies

We were late getting up this morning, with me getting up at 0715 hours, and Carolyn about 20 minutes later. This cool weather is great for sleeping.

After a late breakfast/early lunch, we decided to go north in search of more fall colors. Our trek north led us up to the Clinton turnoff, where we turned east and followed US 441 to the old TVA town of Norris, built to house workers working on the TVA Norris Dam. It was a TVA model planned community, and had several innovations not seen in this country at that time, such as all-electric homes. The town has a calming influence, with common green areas. The entire town has been placed on the National Registry of Historic Places, and has a population of about 1500 people. This little town is an oasis of calm in a busy world.

We left Norris, continuing to head north, eventually coming to Norris Dam. The dam was built on the Clinch River for flood control and hydro-electric power, and the lake covers portions of Anderson and Campbell counties. Here's a picture of the dam and part of the lake impounded behind it.

After seeing the dam, we moved north, eventually turning to the northeast at Jacksboro. We were here last year, and thought that this little town, as well as La Follette, a few miles further to the east, were great little towns. Since we had already been this far north and east, we decided to continue on up the road to the Cumberland Gap, located at the point where Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky meet, in the northeast corner of Tennessee.

We took Tennessee 63, which skirted the Cumberland Mountains just to the north, and the Clinch River, just to the south. What a beautiful valley that was! Small farms, cozy little houses, sleepy little crossroads, churches, and every thing we like to see when out for a drive.

When we got to Harrogate, we stopped for a short rest. Carolyn spied a gingko tree, which I took a picture of. The tree was actually more yellow than what shows in the picture.

Driving on through Harrogate, Carolyn said stop again. She saw a little farmer's market that she wanted to check out. When we left there, we had fresh sweet potatoes, Yukon Gold potatoes, pole beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Good eats are on the way!

As we were leaving Harrogate, we saw the sign for the state line between Tennessee and Virgina. We decided to drive into Virgina about a mile to check out a park service campground in case we might want to stay there someday. We found that the park is nice, but won't work for us because the spaces are not long enough.

Heading back in to Tennessee, we turned in to the little town of Cumberland Gap, a town of about 200 people. We couldn't do much exploring there, since the streets were closed off to cars because of a fall festival that was being held.

We headed on toward the Cumberland Gap, but Carolyn stopped our progress, as we saw that we would have to go through a tunnel to get where we wanted. She doesn't like tunnels, and there's no need for me to add to her anxiety. So, we turned around and headed back home. However, we did see the Cumberland Gap, so important to the westward expansion of our country in it's early years. This picture came from Wikipedia.

By this time, it was getting late enough that we decided to head back home. We had a great trip, but little did we know that we would end up in Virginia before the day was ended.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Cumberland Gap, Tennessee: Gateway To The West

Not all who wander are lost.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Scant Fall Colors

Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: low 42 degrees, high 67 degrees, clear skies

The weather is great for checking out the fall colors, or as Carolyn says, leaf peeping. I think this must be her favorite thing to do in her favorite time of the year. She should really like tomorrow, as frost is expected for the area.

I waited a little later than normal before walking this morning so the temperature could warm up a little. Once I started walking, I actually went farther than yesterday, when I said I might have to cut back on my distance because of the hills. As Sharron Angle told Harry Reid, I manned up and extended myself a little. No promises that I'll continue doing that.

We have seen some beautiful fall colors here, but not the massive views that we hoped to see. Many of the trees have not started changing yet, and some of the ones that have are a little dull. We're hopeful that the leaf peeping will get better as the weather cools more. Here's the best looking tree in the park where we're staying.
Not that impressive.

Many of the leaves are falling before much color has come out.

Most of the color so far is coming from fall flowers.

We were eager to see more color, so we decided to go north through Clinton, then east to Norris. No colors there, or at least not any more than what we've seen elsewhere, so we headed down US 441 through the hills. Bah, humbug! Are we going to have to go to New England to see fall colors?

Once we got home, it was time for the daily meditation. Of course, I would have given it up to find some nice fall colors.

I hadn't hooked up the sewer hose yet, and Carolyn was concerned that she was going to have a full shower tank while taking a shower. That happened once, and she had shampoo in her hair. I was away from the RV, so she was a little ticked off at me that I hadn't dumped the tanks soon enough. Since I don't want her to go through that again, I hooked up the hose and dumped the tanks. We should be good to go for a while. Whew!

More leaf searching tomorrow.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Norris, Tennessee: A National Historic City

Not all who wander are lost.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Smoky Mountain Grocery

Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: low 54 degrees, high 67 degrees, light rain early, then clear skies

When I was taking my morning walks in Florida, it was always on flat ground. Up here where we're staying in Tennessee, my walking route is up and down. As a result, the walks take longer, and I feel like I'm getting a real workout for my legs. I think this walking up here is going to get trimmed back a little, unless I can get in better shape.

Today, we decided to go over to Wears Valley, located near Pigeon Forge, to visit my niece Gina and her husband Tim. Here's a picture of the fine looking couple.

Tim and Gina moved up here last year from Texas and started a business that supplies grocery and household items to people on vacation, even delivering the items and putting them away. Recently, they opened a store in Wears Valley so they could expand their services. Here's a picture of Smoky Mountain Grocery, located in Wears valley. They are a few miles away from Pigeon Forge.

This is the sign in front of the store. Catchy, isn't it?

This is a mountain across the road from the store. They live in a beautiful area.

And, finally, fall decorations in front of the store.

Oh, I forgot. Here's a picture of their delivery van. Neat!

If anyone is interested in Tim and Gina's services, contact them at this address,

When we left Gina and Tim after a great visit, we decided to go on through Pigeon Forge on our way home. We thought it might be a little shorter, but we didn't realize the traffic would be so bad. The first time we saw Pigeon Forge was back in the mid-1970s, and it was a sleepy little town. Not now! Wall to wall businesses that cater to the tourists, many traffic lights, and traffic that is terrible. It took us almost two hours to get home, and convinced us that we don't want to go to that area again.

Our route over to Wears Valley was through Marysville, which seems to be a nice town that is going through a lot of growth. We drove almost to Cade's Cove, located in Smoky Mountain National Park. Then we turned left and drove toward Pigeon Forge on a bad road, at least from Carolyn's point of view. Twisty, winding, up and down, narrow, it wasn't a good road for Carolyn to be on. Her vertigo problems started acting up, and by the time we got to Gina and Tim's place, she was getting sick. We stayed long enough for the vertigo to subside.

By the time we got home, both of us were ready to settle in for the night. I'm tired.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Pigeon Forge, Tennessee: Family Vacation Hub

Not all who wander are lost.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Satellite Dish Maintenance

Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: low 55 degrees, high 72 degrees, fog early, then partly cloudy

We were expecting rain today, but it held off. Now, the forecast is for scattered showers tonight. Looking at the radar, it may make it tonight.

The cable television reception continued to be bad, and I didn't have any more luck in finding a satellite signal at the site we stayed in last night. I talked to the office folks again about moving so we could get a better satellite signal. They asked me if I had picked a site that might work for us, and I said yes. I was told to move in to it at my leisure. About 1000 hours, I hooked up the truck to the RV and we moved about 200 feet to the new site.

By 1030 hours, we had the RV set up and were ready to go find some lunch. Arby's was our choice, back down the road at the next exit. After eating lunch, I asked Carolyn what she wanted to do, and she suggested we take a short ride north to the next exit beyond where we're staying. That turnoff happens to be an exit to Clinton, but also has a WalMart Mall. Well! What more do we need?

So, we pulled into the Mall, since we needed a few groceries and a mat to put outside the RV on the ground so we could brush the dirt and grass off our shoes. We take our shoes off just inside the door, but our goal is to keep as much debris outside as possible.

Carolyn found the craft section, and was surprised at how big it was. Most of the Mall stores have been making their craft sections smaller, but not here. She looked around a little, but didn't have anything in particular that she needed. It's good to know that she can find a lot of her crafting supplies at that store if she needs any.

When we got home (home is where the RV is, no matter where that is), I decided to set the satellite dish up. I was expecting it to be a piece of cake, since I had an open view to the southwest sky. Not to be.

I spent about an hour trying to get a signal on both satellites that we need to find in order to get all the channels that we should. I could find one satellite but not the other. Carolyn started telling me I needed to get some help. Like, call a satellite installer. No way!

I knew I could do the job, since I had done it hundreds of times in the past. Finally, I decided to check the horn on the dish. Taking the horn apart, I disassembled the cables that connect to the horn, sprayed the ends with an electronic cleaner, and put them back together. Then, I carefully put the horn back together, noticing that the horn seemed to be a little loose when I took it apart. It wasn't surprising that it had loosened up a little, with the use that we put on it. Then, I started trying to find the satellite signal again.

Bingo! I found the signal in about a minute, and it was strong. To top it off, both satellites were found. Hoo-ah! Or something like that.

By the time all that aggravation was finished, it was past time for some meditation. The rest of the day was spent recovering from our past few days of traveling. Maybe we'll get out and explore some new places tomorrow.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Rayne, Louisiana: Frog Capital Of The World

Not all who wander are lost.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We Saw Fall Colors

Heiskell, Tennessee

Weather: low 54 degrees in Cartersville, Georgia, high 70 degrees in Heiskell, Tennessee, cloudy, light sprinkles

We slept well last night, even though a railroad that was close enough to hear easily was busy. Pulling out of the campground at 0900 hours, we headed north on I-75 until we reached US 411, which we took on our way to Knoxville. We had never traveled US 411 before, and the map showed it to be a slower, less traveled road. Just the kind of road we like, where we can travel at a speed that allows me to see the countryside.

Since we had not traveled this road before, we didn't know what to expect as far as hills or towns. It turned out to be a beautiful drive, with small, neat homes and little farms dotting the countryside. The towns were mostly little wide spots in the road. It was a surprise to us that there was not much farming along the road until we got into Tennessee, where it picked up somewhat. Since one reason we came up here was to see some fall color, we were constantly on the watch for trees changing color. And, we found some colors. Imagine a couple of kids saying "Look at that!", and "Look over there!". We were like kids in a candy store. Just imagine what we'll be like when the colors get serious about changing.

We had planned to go on to the Escapees park at Raccoon Valley, but as we traveled, Carolyn talked me in to staying somewhere in the area of Maryville, which is where my brother Terrell and His wife Kathy live. Unfortunately, we didn't find an RV park along the way, and we had not done any research on RV parks in the area. So, we kept on going through Maryville and went on up to Raccoon Valley, where we're parked at the Escapees park. We've stayed here before, and it works for us.

We were parked and set up by 1330 hours. I hooked up the cable TV, but found that the signal is lousy, much like many cable systems. The people in the office said they had called the cable company, but as I'm writing this post at about 2100 hours, it's still bad cable.

I tried to set up the satellite dish, but there are too many trees in the way. I found another site that we will move in to tomorrow, where we should be able to use our dish. In the meantime, I was too tired to take everything apart just to move about 200 feet. Tomorrow is soon enough.

Did you notice the high temperature for today? The forecast is showing rain the next couple of days, with temperatures down to the high 30s to mid 40s, and highs in the 60s to low 70s. We're loving it, after the hot summer we spent in Florida. I might have to put long pants on!

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Etowah, Tennessee: Come For A Day, Stay For A Lifetime!

Not all who wander are lost.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Allatoona Lake

Cartersville, Georgia

Weather: low 52 degrees in Brookfield, Georgia, high 82 degrees in Cartersville, Georgia

We left the Tifton, Georgia area this morning, headed north. Instead of going directly to I-75 and driving north from there, we decided to take US 129 north. We like the countryside around Tifton, and wanted to see what was up the road. beyond Fitzgerald.

I had a little trepidation about going that way because of all the farm harvesting that was going on. Luckily, we got an early start, so we didn't get held up at all. Everything north of Fitzgerald was new country, and we were not disappointed. The scenery continued to be nice, well-kept homes, neat farms, pecan orchards, and nice little towns.

The first town that really drew our attention was Abbeville, a town of about 2300 people and the county seat of Wilcox County. Here's a picture of the courthouse, which came from Wikipedia. I wasn't able to stop.

There's really not much to say about Abbeville, other than it's probably a quiet place to live.

The next town of any size was Hawkinsville, the county seat of Pulaski County with a population of about 3300 people. It seems to be a larger town than Abbeville, and the traffic was a little heavier. The city runs a harness horse training facility in the winter months. An interesting fact is that the Pulaski County area was the capital of the Creek Indian Nation.

We turned to the west in Hawkinsville, once we realized that we were going to have to get busy if we wanted to make it to our selected camp ground today. We picked up I-75 near Perry, and stayed on it all the way to Cartersville, where we found a campsite at the Army Corps of Engineers McKinney Campground. This campground is located on Allatoona Lake, a reservoir of about 12,000 acres. This campground has about 150 sites, and is popular with folks from the Atlanta area. We got one of the few remaining empty sites, which is amazing to us with the summer being over and school in session.

After setting up at our site, we decided it was time for some rest and meditation. Carolyn's morning in the kitchen yesterday paid off for us today, as we had stuffed peppers for supper. It was very good, and to top it off, we didn't have to go out for it.

We haven't decided yet whether we will stay here more than one day. We like the area, but rain is forecast later in the week, and we would like to be settled in in Tennessee before the rain starts. It will depend on the weather forecast tomorrow.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Abbeville, Georgia: Home Of The Ocmulgee Wild Hog Festival

Not all who wander are lost.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Downtown Tifton, Georgia

Brookfield, Georgia

Weather: low 50 degrees, high 87 degrees, clear skies

Carolyn woke up this morning ready to do some cooking. She had several things she wanted to use before they had to be thrown away, such as vegetables. Since I've learned from the school of hard knocks to get out of the way when she's busy (she's not really bad), I decided to go to the flea market and check out downtown Tifton.

We went to the flea market yesterday afternoon, but they were already closed by the time we got there. This morning, I got there early enough that some of the vendors were still putting their junk, I mean stuff, out for sale.

I found that this flea market was probably the worse one that I have ever been to. Just about all the junk was from people's homes that looked like leftover yard sale stuff. Carolyn did good by staying home and cooking.

I left the junk sale and drove on into downtown Tifton to check it out. The first picture of note was of the Tift Theatre. I can remember when these old theatres were the center of social activity, and were great places to dump the kids on a Saturday afternoon for an afternoon of western movies, serials, comedies, and previews of coming attractions.

Something just occurred to me: I never thought I would be remembering the past with such fondness. Life seemed much simpler then.

Here's a picture of the downtown area of Tifton. I imagine it is a bustling place during the week.

The courthouse was not easily found, because it is located off the main business area of town. At least they are still using it.

At one time, Tifton was an important railroad city. These days, it's not as important, but they have turned the old train depot into a museum.

By the time I was finished walking around downtown Tifton, I was getting a little hungry. I headed home where Carolyn had prepared, among other things, a very good chicken salad. We sat down and enjoyed the chicken salad, with enough left over for supper.

After lunch, we decided to explore some of the local back roads. The economy of this area is dependent on agriculture, and every where we looked was evidence of the harvesting of the crops. I hope they get a good price for their hard labor.

Both of us have appreciated the natural beauty of the area, along with the neat little houses and yards. These people take pride in the appearance of their homes, no matter how small or old.

We may move on up the road a little way tomorrow, as we work our way to Tennessee. Then again, maybe we'll stay here another day. Check in to see what we do.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Pawling, New York: The Pride Of The Harlem Valley

Not all who wander are lost.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fitzgerald, Georgia

Brookfield, Georgia

Weather: low 51 degrees, high 87 degrees, clear skies

We didn't do as much exploring today as we were a little tired from yesterday's tour and the drive up here on Thursday. That meant we got a little later start than normal, and went in to Tifton to find the local WalMart Mall so we could pick up a few groceries. As it is most Malls we have been to, this one was busy because of the weekend. Since we didn't need much, it didn't take long to find everything and get checked out.

By the time we got home, it was lunchtime. Ham sandwiches were the choice for the meal, along with some chips. About 30 minutes after eating, a tremendous urge to meditate hit me, so I took care of the urge. When I was finished meditating and Carolyn had finished her nap, we decided to go to a flea market near Tifton. When we got to the flea market, we found that they had already closed for the day. Well, drat!

It was only 1430 hours, so we decided to go back to Ocilla to check out a restaurant that had been highly recommended, especially their specialty dessert using local peaches. Well, wouldn't you know that they were not making that dessert now, only doing it during the summer months when they had fresh peaches. Double drat!!

What do we do now? I know, let's go on down the road a few miles to the small town of Fitzgerald, the home town of of my cousin Ann's husband Bill. Whew, did that confuse you? How about my cousin-in-law Bill? He's a nice fellow, so don't think I'm making fun of him.

Hey, Bill, we made it to Fitzgerald. What a nice little town of about 5000 people. Here's a picture of Ben Hill County courthouse.

The downtown area is considered to be a historic area, and the streets are paved in bricks, such as what are in the picture.

After we drove around Fitzgerald admiring the neat downtown and some of the pretty houses, we started looking for a place to eat supper. We like to eat where the local folks do when we have the time to look, but I guess we missed the local favorites. We decided to go back to Tifton and eat at a place that seemed to have all local car tags in the parking lot. At this time, I can't recall the name of the restaurant, but it was pretty good. Carolyn had fried chicken with turnip greens, rice, and creamed corn, while I had catfish (two kinds), fried shrimp, and a couple of vegetables. The food was good, as we thought it might be.

By the time supper was finished, we were both starting to zone out, so we headed home where we settled in for the night.

There are some fall colors where we're staying. Here's a dogwood tree next to the RV.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Claxton, Georgia: Fruitcake Capital Of The World

Not all who wander are lost.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Genealogy Searches

Tifton, Georgia

Weather: low 45 degrees, high 84 degrees, clear skies

Crop harvesting is in full swing here, as the farmers rush to try to get their crops in while the weather is dry. Soybeans, cotton, and peanuts are being harvested and taken to warehouses for processing and preparation for taking to market. A little corn is being harvested, but not to the extent that the other crops are. And, we saw the biggest field of zucchini squash we have ever seen being harvested and packed in boxes in the field, ready to go to market. This area is one of the busiest agriculture areas that we have seen in awhile. Georgia brags that they produce more peanuts than any other state in the US, and we believe them.

Here's s picture of a cotton field that's ready to be harvested. No hand labor, all machines.

We were out and about by 0900 hours this morning as Carolyn was anxious to start checking out some of the cemeteries in the area. The first stop was at the Flat Creek Cemetery, where her maternal grandfather and grandmother are buried, as well as other relatives. I started taking pictures under her direction, until the camera started acting up. It was acting as though the batteries were dead, so I changed them out. That didn't help, but I did manage to eke out the rest of the pictures that Carolyn wanted before we left that cemetery.

We drove on into Nashville, Carolyn's hometown. We found a dollar store and bought some more batteries, which seemed to help the camera issues. I stopped at the courthouse square and took a picture of the Berrien County courthouse.

After the courthouse, I took a picture of part of the courthouse business area, which indicates that it's not very busy in this small town.

Here's a picture of some gourd art that was set up in front a drugstore.

Leaving Nashville, we drove about 15 miles east of town to another cemetery that a lot of Carolyn's relatives and ancestors are buried in. We were able to find just about everything she was looking for, and spent a few minutes in the shade talking about how sad it was that no one seems to visit cemeteries anymore.

Driving back to Nashville, we found another old cemetery on Carolyn's list that only had about 50 headstones, but she made some of her most significant finds at that one. We were even able to see an old two-room schoolhouse named the Gaskins Schoolhouse that was used many years ago by area kids. I tried to get a picture, but the camera was acting up again by then.

By the time we got back to Nashville, we were ready for lunch. After lunch, we drove around to town to see some of Carolyn's old memories. Like where she used to go to school, playgrounds she used, the church where she was baptized, the location where the hospital used to be that she was born in...... I tried to take more pictures, but the camera was not cooperating.

We headed out of Nashville to the north, and decided to go up to Ocilla, which she not visited for many years. She has relatives buried in another cemetery near Ocilla, and we found it with just a little looking. Again, she was able to get a lot of good information, and I was able to change to batteries on the camera and get a few more pictures. After that, the camera gave out on me. I think I was using some batteries that were bad.

We drove around Ocilla a little, enjoying the nice old houses and yards. Before we left Ocilla, I got a picture of the Irwin County courthouse.

We headed back to the RV, since we were both starting to get a little tired. It was a good day of roaming around, and Carolyn did some great reminiscing of days gone by and people passed away. I'm glad she had a good day.

More later, be safe.

Today's Town - Nashville, Georgia: City Of Dogwoods

Not all who wander are lost.